Naomi Campbell Has A Rough Stay On 'AHS: Hotel'

So far this season of American Horror Story: Hotel is certainly not disappointing in the brutality department. Luckily, episode three entitled "Mommy" stuck with the upward trajectory and gave us a gruesome stabbing death within the first twenty minutes. And, isn't that just how we like it? Naomi Campbell had just strolled into the Hotel Cortez last week and now? Max Greenfield popped out of her mattress and stabbed Naomi to death. Girlfriend didn't even have time to grab a cell phone to properly beat him with.

So, the big question here is definitely focusing on what the hell Max Greenfield's character, Gabriel is doing still alive. Last we saw him he had been drildoed (new word) by the Addiction Demon and was then promptly sewed into a mattress by Sally, because that's where you put your valuables and dead junkies, I guess? He could have just said, "excuse me, miss" and crawled out of her mattress like a gentleman, but instead he mistook Naomi for Sally and murdered her.

Consumed with guilt he flung himself at Detective Lowe who rushed Gabriel to a hospital after his Naomi, and he seemed to die there. (If he wasn't already dead. I'm not sure how he could survive his rape and being sewn into a mattress, but this is Ryan Murphy's world and we're all just living in it.) If he's actually dead now, is he going to return? According to his IMDB.com, he is set to appear in episodes through Nov. 4 at least. To me, this hints that he may be a ghost in the same way that Sally is a ghost. Everyone can see and speak to Sally, but she's not alive. In that same vein, later in the episode, Naomi showed herself (all bloodied and stabbed, but very "alive") to Detective Lowe's wife Alex, so I am also assuming she will join this ragtag band of ghost/zombies.

I have a feeling that we will be seeing some more mattress dwellers in the coming weeks. Are they zombies? Are they ghosts? Why are the crazy folks of the Hotel Cortez sewing them into mattresses? I have to wonder if Sally herself was placed into a mattress following her death. Maybe someone found her after her flying lesson out of the window and decided to turn her into a permanent resident of the Hotel Cortez. But who? There are a lot of questions to be answered in the coming weeks, but I think we can rest assured that Max Greenfield will be back for more creepy shenanigans soon — and hopefully Naomi will to, because she's an amazing sassy ghost.

Images: Suzanne Tenner/FX