Lady Gaga's Latest Hair Look Has 'Scarface'-Inspo

Michelle Pfeiffer's Scarface character Elvira Hancock has provided fashion and beauty inspo for many pop stars. Gwen Stefani totally borrowed Elvira's heavy bangs and blunt cut hairstyle while promoting her second solo album The Sweet Escape. Now, Lady Gaga's shoulder length cut with bangs is the latest modern homage to Elvira. It's such an enduring look, since it's simple, classic, chic, and transcends time.

The singer posted a photo while playing the piano, with long, eyelash-grazing bangs and one-length hair with a slight bend at the ends. It might seem like a snoozy style for Mother Monster, but I found it to be interesting because it wasn't hanging out in left field. Gaga doesn't always have to be outrageous to attract attention or make a statement.

I love how the bangs and the shoulder-length cut frame her face and give notice to her pouty lips!

Lady Gaga adds bangs to her coif all the time. She doesn't usually keep them for a substantial period of time, but she isn't afraid to experiment with fringe. She recently went with baby bangs, which aren't easy to pull off and earned her some criticism from another artist who labeled her a copycat. She also rocked extreme, '70s-inspo, rolled bangs while appearing on the cover of Billboard 's philanthropy issue.

Her passion is the piano. That much is true! And the heavy bangs and layer-free hair work for her! Me likey this wig and this look!

Vince Bucci/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stefani was pumping the Elvira look— which debuted in 1983 when the film was released. She rocked this style back in 2006. She owned it. Again, this look endures because it works with any face shape and it's just incredibly timeless and versatile.

Vince Bucci/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gaga and Gwen are total twinsies with their blonde-with-bangs 'dos! Don't you just covet this cut? It's so vivacious and lively, no matter what you wear it with.

Here's the source material! Clearly, both Gaga and Gwen took their inspo from Pfeiffer, whose hair was a bit more golden and shorter as Elvira. But hers remains the standard bearer for this cut and color combo.

It continues to be a copied look since it's a timeless cut that can be updated, modernized, and customized by whatever fashionista is currently rocking it. It can be longer, be more curled under at the bottom, or even blonder. The possibilities are endless.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (1); Giphy (2)