Why Are Lady Gaga's Baby Bangs Controversial?

Baby bangs are not for those scared of making bold hair choices — and when they are bleached blonde and the rest of your hair is really long, they can appear even more extreme. Of course Lady Gaga has blonde baby bangs again; it's a variation of a look she has done many times before.

She has been showing off her latest 'do off all over Instagram. Not a big deal, right? It's Gaga. Well, this time, Mother Monster's mini fringe is causing a bit of controversy with an old foe.

The South African rap x rave duo Die Antwoord is miffed about Gaga's baby bangs because member Yolandi Visser has been rocking white blonde, super short bangs forever. The pair sees Gaga's latest look as copying Visser's.

Die Antwoord have taken aim at Gaga before, questioning her authenticity. There is a longstanding "feud" of sorts, even though Gaga was reportedly a fan who invited the duo to open for her on tour. The gesture apparently offended the pair, as a Gaga impostor was mauled by a lion in Die Antwoord's video for "Fatty Boom Boom."

Clearly, there is some beef happening between these two artists. But let's look at the hair.

Yes, Gaga's tiny, bowl-cut bangs are quite similar. To her credit, super short bangs and a shaved top part of her head appear to be Visser's signature.

Is Gaga is lifting from her look intentionally, since she knows the band? Doubtful, IMHO. I don't think it's a hatchet-burying homage, either. Gaga's baby bangs are bowl-shaped and the rest of her hair is long and flowing.

Gaga's tiny fringe is blended into the rest of her hair, and she's played with variations of this look before.

It's also very likely a wig. Plus, Ma Monster's bangs seem much longer by comparison.

I expect this look to be gone as quickly as it came, since Gaga's M.O. is to never stay the same.

Visser's hair is much, much shorter and not nearly as bowl-shaped.

It's certainly a unique and unforgettable cut that works for her, but I don't feel like Gaga's bangs are any sort of direct copy, since the shapes and the styling are so different. The main similarity is that both are short on the top and long on the bottom, without being a modern or high fashion mullet.

Visser also posted a throwback photo from 2009, demonstrating that this has, in fact, been her signature 'do since at least the aughts. It's understandable that she is staking her claim and asserting ownership of a style.

Die Antwoord's Ninja also posted a photo, pretty much questioning Gaga's authenticity with a harsh caption.

It's up to you, and your perspective and perception, about whether or not Gaga is copying her look from another artist. Here are a few more pics of Visser's coif so you can compare and contrast.

Trixie Textor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The rounded look is why the 'dos appear so similar.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But Visser's bangs hug the hairline much more. I love it on her; she completely owns it.

Who really knows if Gaga was copying Visser in reality? Both look stunning in their hairstyles, and rock the hair looks per their individual, unique styles.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (4); Yolandi Visser/Instagram (2); Ninja/Instagram (1)