Listening To Bieber's "Sorry" Won't Make You Sorry

The moment that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. I mean, OK, some of you haven't been waiting for this, but that's because some of you are lame. On Thursday, Justin Bieber released his new song "Sorry," along with the dance music video for it. The single is so good that he has been teasing us with his countdown to it on Twitter and Instagram all month. The snippets of "Sorry" that we've gotten to hear so far have done nothing if not made everyone incredibly excited (everyone like me, especially me), and the full song does not disappoint. In fact, I would even go so far to say that "Sorry" will probably end up being the last piece of proof that any lingering doubters out there need to consider themselves Beliebers again and pre-order Bieber's upcoming album Purpose . When he focuses on the music instead of on the legal troubles, he is very good at reminding all of us that he is incredibly talented.

The song sounds like a combination of a ballad and a club hit set to EDM, which comes as no surprise since Bieber created it in collaboration with big EDM players Skrillex and Blood Diamonds. It's the kind of song that's going to make you want to jam with your friends, but also take your cell phone out, put the flashlight function on, and wave it from side to side in the air as Justin Bieber sings your own feelings back to you. Whether it's better than "What Do You Mean?" is for everyone to decide for themselves on an individual level but, for right now, all I can really say is, "YAAAAAASSSS BIEBER," followed immediately by, "Shh, I'm listening to 'Sorry' for the ninth time."

The music video, like the song, is infectious. Titled "Dance Video," the clip features a number of dancers way more talented most most grooving to Bieber's new track. It's fun, and you definitely won't be sorry you tuned in.

Check out the music video and song below.