What Your College RA Really Thinks Of You & Your Not-So-Subtle Shenanigans — VIDEO

You gotta hand it to resident advisors, dealing college kids is an unpredictable nightmare. But because it's a job, they have to put on a polite face — let's be real, if your RA were honest with you, you'd both be in trouble all the time. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for them to be on-call constantly, while keeping up with their own schoolwork, social lives and personal time. Every time one of their students has an issue, they have to put their life on hold. They're like over-worked parents with ungrateful children.

Dorm life is mostly gross. Someone's always puking in a sink, clogging a shower, fighting in the halls, doing drugs in the laundry room, getting locked out, getting robbed, tampering with smoke detectors, having sex in semi-public places, messing with the vending machines, flipping the couches, drawing on the walls, or starting a ramen-fueled fire with their hot plates. And it's the responsibility of the RA to keep things under control. To keep the dorms drama and trauma free, they basically hold the walls up and get little recognition or appreciation.

To be honest, I can't even remember a single one of my RA's names. After watching this video, I asked a few friends if they remembered theirs. They didn't. It's a thankless job. And this hilarious video makes me want to go back in time and apologize to my RAs and give them a big, big hug. Here are some highlights:

Paper work

When a student breaks the rules, the RA has to write it up. That's a of paperwork.

Judgey Judy

While you were judging your RA, they were judging you, slob.

Get it together

RAs have their own lives. As much as you're praying they don't write you up, they're praying they don't have to.

Do I look like I care?

Yeah, RAs have to care, or at least pretend to. Imagine all the late night calls they get from drunk students.

Watch the full video here:

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And if you're still in college, go tell your RA how much you appreciate them!

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