Did Max Greenfield Die Again On 'AHS: Hotel'? Gabriel Seems To Have 9 Lives

What exactly are the rules to American Horror Story: Hotel? Is there a really long form that I blindly pressed "I Accept" for the "Terms & Conditions" of this season? Because just when I thought I had a grasp on how the Hotel Cortez works, Max Greenfield comes back to life on AHS: Hotel . Or, maybe he never died. That's one of three million questions I have after "Mommy," where Greenfield emerged from a mattress, killed Naomi Campbell, and maybe died (again?) at the hospital after he was found by the detective. Are you there, Ryan Murphy? It's me, Allison. And I just want to understand what's going on in your head.

So, just to refresh, Greenfield's character — a junkie — came to Hotel Cortez to shoot up. There, he almost overdosed — or did, TBD — and Sally and the Addiction Demon came in and raped him to death (the death part is TBD). Then, Sally sewed him up into a mattress, as one does, and it seemed like he was alive. Or "alive" for Hotel Cortez. But then this Naomi Campbell thing happens (he stabs her to death, then runs to the lobby and into the detective), and I'm like HAHA — help! I have no idea what's happening.

So, maybe Greenfield's character didn't die when he overdosed and had a run-in with the Addiction Demon. But if the Addiction Demon isn't there to kill people, then what is he there to do? Actually, don't answer that.

I thought that Greenfield met the same fate as Sally. She died on the hotel grounds, and has been haunting it ever since. So, I figured that when Sally sewed him into the mattress, he was dead and just ghosting about inside a California king. But, after he freaks out and kills Campbell, he runs downstairs, runs into the detective, and is taken to the hospital.

So, if he can leave the hotel, does that mean he's alive? He survived everything he had been through? (Side note: bet that's the last time he does drugs.) While at the hospital, he named Sally as the "one who did this to him," which led basically nowhere after a really bizarre elevator interaction with the detective and Sally.

Also, Greenfield (his character's name is Gabriel, BTW, I had to look it up) seems to have flatlined while at the hospital. So maybe, he's just now dying. I suppose dying in the hospital is for the best, since he won't have to hang around the Hotel Cortez then. But, Max Greenfield is also credited for a couple more episodes this season on IMDB, so who the hell knows if he's dead, alive, a ghost, a piece of apple pie, or just a figment of my imagination while I await for New Girl to return.

Images: Suzanne Tenner/FX (2)