6 Signs You're Better At Your Job Than You Think

by Kat George

Chances are, you're better at your job than you think. Many people suffer from imposter syndrome, a state of mind (often associated with women) in which they manage to put their success down to luck, timing, or trickery, and think they don't "deserve" it. Social conditioning mostly dictates that a woman who is proud of herself or aware of her strengths is somehow mean, or not humble. Meanwhile, men often display self-confidence without worrying about the negative stereotypes associated with it. Probably because when a man is confident, he's a winner. When a woman is confident, traditionally, socially, and culturally, she is seen as disruptive, or "other", or unfeminine.

Maybe you're doing very well at work. Better than most. Are you still marginalizing your success? Are you wrapped up in not doing your job well enough, even if, subjectively, you're excelling? It's time to lose that attitude. Women, like men, have the right to take pride in their work, and to vocalize their achievements. We shouldn't have to say "sorry" for our success, because there's nothing to be sorry for. Shout how wonderful you are, because I promise you, for every woman that doesn't raise her voice in her own favor, there are ten men who are singing their own praises and getting promotions — which is one of the ways in which both genders continue to foster inequality in the work force. Here are six ways you're better at your job than you think you are:

1. You Look Forward To Going To Work

One pretty good indicator that you're good at your job is that you actually like your job. If you dread going to work in the morning and are sluggish when you're there as a result, chances are you're not doing your best work. But if you're enthusiastic, energetic and happy, chances are what you're producing will be a reflection of that.

2. Your Day Passes Quickly

Days pass slowly when you're bored, or being unproductive. If you're so focused on your work you look up at the clock and it went suddenly from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., you're probably doing a pretty good job. Being absorbed by your work shows commitment and interest, which are both things that people who are good at their jobs have.

3. You're Constantly Finding New Tasks To Do

I was a real nerd in high school and I really loved class. When I'd finish my homework I'd find other things to read or do, and then go talk to my teacher about them. I didn't have many friends, but that's neither here nor there, because I got perfect grades. If, at work, you're constantly adding tasks you've come up with yourself to build and expand on your delegated tasks, you're doing a good job. Going above and beyond is a key sign that you're fabulous at what you do.

4. You're In Total Control Of Your Zone

Are people coming to you with questions? Can you fire off answers to those questions without blinking? And if you can't, do you have a spreadsheet for that? You're good at your job when you're in control of, and aware of, what's going on around it. If you're asked a question about your job by a coworker and you can't come up with an answer, no matter how much you rack your brain, then maybe you need to think about working harder. But if you're all "I got this," then pat yourself on your back, because you're good at what you do.

5. Your Desk Is Well Organized

There's a difference between people who have nice desks and people who don't. People who don't trudge into work everyday, do what they have to do to get through the day, and leave. I used to be that person. My desk was dusty and hand nothing but a few sheets of paper and an old phone. It was a place I went to get money. If your desk is clean, stacked with work papers and private trinkets or inspirational pictures, then you probably think of your work space as something more personal. If you're thinking of your job as something personal, you're probably much better at it than you think, because it's human nature to try harder when something has personal meaning.

6. You're Two Steps Ahead Of Your Boss

If your boss asks you to do things and you've already done them (based off tasks they set a week ago, you having the foresight to get ahead on other work), then you're good at your job. As someone who has been a manager, it's wonderful to have staff who think of the things that need to be done (administratively) to make the things happen that you asked for to happen. If your boss is constantly having to dictate every tiny little job to you, your head might not be in the game. And all you really need to be good at your job is a head that's saturated in game.

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