8 Types Of Photos Adele Needs To Post On Her New Instagram, Stat

The world is primed for Adele to slay the pants off of 2015, and the singer-goddess has already laid the groundwork for her complete world domination with the announcement of her long-awaited new album, 25. And just in case that wasn't enough for you, she also revealed the cover art and track list and announced release dates for both the album and its first single, "Hello." Adele also joined Instagram in a move that I can only imagine is her way of saying, "I'M TAKING OVER, WORLD." The world is so ready. The fans are so ready. I'm so ready. Spongebob Squarepants would probably come in here to crash this party just to start singing, "I'm ready." And as part of her ascension to the throne of pop music, Adele's Instagram needs to be filled with enviable photos and videos. Starting now.

As anyone who follows a celebrity on Instagram knows, the photo-sharing app is enticing because it gives fans a (curated) look into the star's personal life via selfies, goofy videos, and Nashville-filtered pictures (JK, who uses Nashville?). And for Adele, who is equal parts serious about her craft yet amazingly silly and candid in interviews, Instagram seems like the perfect outlet for her to unleash all of her behind-the-scenes moments for fans. Here's what I'm hoping she'll include.

1. Silly Selfies

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Adele has already mastered the silly face move on the red carpet, so the logical next step is taking it to the heavily selfied world of Instagram. Hashtag no filter.

2. All Dem Awards

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Adele is halfway to EGOT-ing, so what better way to display her incredible talent by flaunting all of those Grammys and that Academy Award all over social media? Instagram is not the time to be humble, people.

3. Pics Of Her Adorable Family

The singer is fiercely private about her personal life when not pouring her soul into her music, but maybe Instagram will be the place where she decides to share adorable family snaps with her boyfriend Simon Konecki and their son.

4. Relatable Song Lyrics


5. Adele Memes

[Insert lame AF "a Dell" computer joke here.]

6. Pics With Her Celeb Besties

The world doesn't need another Taylor Swift squad, but what we do need (and desperately) are countless pictures of Adele fangirling over her favorite stars.

7. Mani Tutorials

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Well, at least the name of her manicurist and the polish colors she is using to get Adele's nails on-point.

8. Videos Of Her Singing A Cappella

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