7 Fall Clothing Struggles Only Tall Girls Get

If you're among those of us who are 5-foot-8 and taller, you're all too familiar with #tallgirlproblems. And, unfortunately for the fashion lovers of the group, a large majority of those problems have to do with our wardrobes. While the struggle is definitely year-round, the tall girl clothing problems of fall are arguably the most frustrating. No longer can we rely on tank tops and shorts that don't really discriminate on the basis of height— it's all about jeans, long sleeves, boots, and tights, which all pose serious problems for us.

Of course, it's not all bad: There are many benefits to being tall. Long legs can be turned into a source of confidence instead of making us feel awkward — not to mention they allow us to get places quicker with our long strides. Oh, and hello, top shelf! It's kind of nice to be the hero when it comes to reaching heights that our friends can't even get close to. We've got your backs, ladies.

But when it comes to fashion, I hate to say it, but we usually draw the short stick (ironically.) Brands are getting better about accommodating for different sizes across the board, but we've still got a ways to go, and that includes catering to tall people. Here are seven fall wardrobe struggles all tall girls face.

Finding Over-The-Knee Boots Is Almost Impossible

57 pairs later, you're still stuck in knee-high boot territory. Is just one more inch of leather too much to ask?

Heeled Booties Turn You Into A Giant

"I look extra short next to you tonight!" Nope, I just look extra tall.

Long Sleeves? Pshh, Nope

I hope you like 3/4 length sleeves, because you probably don't have a choice. I mean, you can buy jeans in long lengths — why not shirts? Let's make it happen.

Cuffing Your Jeans Isn't An Option

The cool-girl cuffed jeans look is super trendy for fall, but the style doesn't have the same effect when most of your pants are already bordering on capris. Aforementioned long length jeans, where you at.

Sweater Dresses Are Basically Just Long Sweaters

You're messing with some risky business if you forgo pairing your sweater dress with tights, but if you do opt for the safety layer...

Tights Constantly Need To Be Pulled Up

Maybe you are better off just dealing with cold legs and the potential for a wardrobe malfunction. Wearing tights means constantly pulling them up, or dealing with that weird crotch gap that makes you feel like a kangaroo.

Crop Top Sweaters Are Way, Way Too Cropped

How do you feel about a sweater-material bralette with long (well, 3/4-length) sleeves? To find a cozy crop top, your best bet is honestly just looking at the normal people sweater section.

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