6 Tall Girl Style Dilemmas — And How To Solve Them

by Tess Yocom

All my life, I’ve been labeled as “the tall girl.” Yeah, I was that kid who always stood in the back row in elementary choir concerts and towered over boys in middle school. Now — at 5'10" — I’m pretty used to my height. And it does have some benefits. I’ve never had a problem with people blocking my view at concerts and can always grab food from the top of my pantry. I guess I’ve grown into it pretty well.

When it comes to fashion, I’ve had some struggles. Sure, tall models may rule the runway, but us normal ladies in the 5'9" and above club still struggle with the whole clothes fitting thing. A lot. Do I really want to tower over everyone, or should I just skip the heels and wear flats? PLEASE help me find a pair of jeans that fit. Seriously, WHY ARE THESE JEANS SO SHORT? It’s a daily battle, my friend.

Yeah, it can be pretty annoying. But no matter how big the struggle may be, at least we can relate to one another — and (kind of) laugh about it. Here are six fashion problems tall girls deal with daily — and maybe, just maybe — some ways to overcome them.

1. Every Top Is Now A Crop Top

You see a cute shirt, immediately fall in love, and run to the dressing room to try it on —and it barely goes past your belly button. WELL. This is awkward.

Don’t abandon hope yet, though! As annoying as it may be, it may work after a few adjustments. If the fabric’s not too bulky, try tucking it into a high waisted skirt. You can also layer it over a long button up or cami.

2. Trying To Squeeze Into Shoes

You know those pointed-toe flats most people go up a size in so they’re super comfortable? Yeah, that whole “next size up” thing doesn’t exactly work when you wear the BIGGEST SIZE. Sigh. Not even your feet can win this battle.

Instead, try round-toe shoes. They’re just as cute, but actually roomy enough for your size 11s.

3. The Heels Dilemma

Oh, the classic dilemma every tall girl has fought: Do you wear a pair of 4 inch stilettos, or settle for more casual flats? You don’t want to be the only one not in heels, but you refuse to tower over every guy at the bar. Ugh. Ugh. UGH.

This one’s up to you, really. Will you feel more confident in those Steve Maddens? Screw everyone's judge-y looks and rock those stilettos. Or you can use the "I'm just way too tall" excuse anytime you want to save yourself from unnecessary pain.

4. Can I Bend Over In That Dress?

Like that new dress? Want to wear it to work? Too bad it’s way too short and would never be allowed in the office on a girl of your stature. Not fair.

If it’s cold out, dark tights are your best friend to make your clothes more SFW. Otherwise, try finding skirts and dresses with a long hem that you can take out at a tailor. And always try before you buy.

5. Oh Yeah — There's Another Thing That’s Too Short

Here’s the problem with jeans: The regular pairs are basically fancy capris, but — if you’re not over 6 foot — the talls go way past your ankle. Oh, and if they do work out, you’ll probably have to order them online.

Hey, if the regular pair work as capris, you can always wear them as an ankle cut. In the winter, try tucking them into a pair of riding boots.

6. Long Sleeves? LOL.

Along with your height comes a pair of really long arms, which are great for reaching things off the top shelves, but not as great for blouses. Hope you have some cool bangles to cover up your wrists on chilly days!

Again, layering can be your friend here. Some stores, including Gap and Old Navy, even offer tall shirts, because they understand us. Worst comes to worst, learn how to roll those sleeves up.

Do us tall girls have problems? YEP. But we wouldn’t change out height for anything. Keep on towering, girl.

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