'The Originals' Season 3 Spoilers Spell Bad News For Davina, According To Danielle Campbell

What happens when you accidentally have your werewolf lackey massacre not one, but eleven of your fellow witches? Nothing good, that's for sure. And, unfortunately, it's a mistake that Originals witch Davina will have to come to terms with, one way or another. Danielle Campbell, the witch regent herself talked to Bustle about all this and teased spoilers about The Originals Season 3 as well as the upcoming consequences her character will be forced to face in light of her recent actions. "Davina's still growing and the decisions that she makes, like everyone else, has consequences," Campbell explains. "She is about to kinda see just how deep these consequences run. And, in the next couple of episodes, you really start to see the impact that it has on her."

Davina clearly didn't mean for her plan to go so horribly wrong, which was proven during her emotional breakdown shortly after learning about the tragedy. And, now that she's getting threatened by some of the dead witches' family members, she'll not only have her conscience to grapple with, but she'll also become fearful for her own safety. "Right now you really see Davina scared and she's trying to figure out how to protect herself because she knows that there are people coming after her," says Campbell. "I think the only way she knows how to do that is by basically having a personal bodyguard." And, who might that bodyguard be, you might ask? None other than her go-to werewolf, Hayley.

"She's basically blackmailing [Hayley] right now," the actress reveals, since Davina is the one who possesses the power to keep Hayley's werewolf curse at bay. So, that's bound to become an interesting alliance as the season progresses. And maybe, eventually, her efforts to resurrect Kol will finally get rewarded? "I would hope so," Campbell says. "I think if the opportunity were to arise again she would stop at nothing to bring him back."

But, while the actress is busy fighting vampires and other supernatural creatures on-screen, in real life, Campbell is trying to defeat a whole other demon entirely: Hunger and poverty, with the help of her favorite charity organization Heifer International.

In fact, she just recently got back from visiting their Guatemala location, which Campbell considered to be a life-changing experience. "They've been teaching people how to farm and live off their land and provide for themselves, their families, and their villages," says Campbell about the organization. "To see them pick mangos from the trees that we take for granted and just grab from the grocery store… it was one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences to witness."

Looks like Davina might want to think about taking a page out of real-life counterpart's playbook. If she had, then she might not have gotten herself into such a grave situation in the first place.

Images: Quantrell Colbert/The CW; fuckyeahoriginals/Tumblr; Heifer International