'Originals' Season 3 Spoilers From Marcel Himself

If you thought the past two seasons of The Originals were full of non-stop action and heart-pounding suspense, that's nothing compared to what The Originals Season 3 has in store. Dahlia may no longer be an issue for our favorite New Orleans vamps, but as is the case for any good supernatural series, their troubles are still far from over. However, in order to solve the problems of the present, sometimes the best thing to do is look to the past. And, the only way to do that is with some good, old-fashioned flashbacks — something that we've been assured will happen quite a bit throughout the course of the season. Bustle had the chance to chat with Charles Michael Davis (who plays Marcel) about such things in an exclusive one-on-one interview, where he dished on a few juicy Originals Season 3 spoilers.

"There a lot more mystery behind [this season] and it's more vampire-focused," Davis teases. "In the first two seasons, it was a lot about the Original family and their extended family, so the quarrel was contained within them. But, now we have outside threats coming in and we don't know anything about them, so we, as characters, are learning about them and the audience is also learning about them — learning about how dangerous they are or what their history is. So, there's a lot of flashbacks with these new characters."

And, really, who doesn't love seeing these characters in some old-age garb? So, just in case you had any doubts that this season was going to be amazing, those worries can now officially be staked through the heart.

Check out the rest of our chat with Davis below and get pumped for a bloody good season!

Image: Quantrell Colbert/The CW