How 'Boy Meets World' Schooled Us All In Adulting

Do casual viewers of Boy Meets World exist? If so, I'm not sure I have ever met any. If you grew up in the '90s, you were likely passionate about the lives of Cory, Shawn, and the rest of the Boy Meets World squad. Watching these guys combat the challenges that life threw their way was basically like taking a crash course in Growing Up 101 — I mean, how else were we supposed to navigate first kisses and high school dances without seeing how Cory and Shawn got through it first? While life lessons are the bread and butter of teen shows, Boy Meets World stood out because we actually got to see how these kids turned out when the boy finally met the real world. (Because you know that Feeny's classroom wasn't it.)

Boy Meets World schooled us in surviving high school, but it also gave us some big pieces of advice on how to properly adult. How good the advice is? Well, that's up for interpretation — but hey, at least the show was trying really, really hard.

Here is everything that we learned from Boy Meets World about adulting, because the struggle is real when you meet the real world.

1. True Love Is The Only Factor You Should Consider When Getting Married

Don't get me wrong: Cory and Topanga have achieved all of my relationship goals and are clearly making things work since they're still ridiculously in love on Girl Meets World. Despite all of that, though, I'm still not sure I can get behind them tying the knot at 19. I mean, neither of them had a real job, or any idea of how they were going to make things work after graduation. (Also, can we assume that their parents were helping them through college? How else could they have afforded virtually anything?) It's wonderful that Cory and Topanga were so in love that they wanted to be together forever, but getting hitched to prove it without any real plan of action was probably not the greatest idea.

2. Dating Your Roommate Is Inevitable

Remember that love triangle between Eric, Rachel, and Jack? And how Jack and Rachel date, break-up and remain friends? Yeah, it usually works out a whole lot worse than that in real life.

3. You Could Be Faced With The Task Of Adopting A Kid At 22

Eric considered adopting orphan Tommy after spending time with him as his "big brother," then had to make the tough call not to do it. Fortunately, Tommy was ultimately grateful about Eric's decision, because he came back as a guest star on Girl Meets World. (Watch the video above and cry.)

4. It's OK To Make Decisions Based On What Your Friends Are Doing

Cory moved to New York, which is only an hour and a half train ride away from Philadelphia. Naturally, his BFF Shawn followed suit, despite that whole "college" thing he was working on.

5. Sharing Your Toothbrush Is A #RelationshipGoal

Like I said before, Cory and Topanga achieve pretty much every relationship goal ever — except, I'll never understand why this one is such a big deal to Topanga. Why would you want to share your boyfriend's toothbrush?!? The whole thing seems like a really unnecessary metaphor for Cory and Topanga's ever-growing intimacy.

6. Getting Married Is A One-Way Ticket To Boring Town

At least, that's the path that Cory and Topanga go down after they get hitched. (In reality, though, maybe Cory was just kind of a boring guy to begin with?) Also, quick reminder that Shawn is an absolute jerk in the above episode.

7. Friends Only Date Their Friends' Girlfriends' Friends

Shawn found true love with Topanga's BFF, and then Shawn's brother started dating the girl who rounded out their trio. That works nicely in a perfect world — but you know, don't get your hopes up that your best friend will start dating your S.O.'s Shawn counterpart.

No matter how questionable these adulting tips were, I'll still forever hold a candle for Boy Meets World. It helped me grow up just a little bit better.

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