15 Things You Forgot Happened In The 'Boy Meets World' Pilot — But Wait, Where's Topanga?

Admittedly there are a few TV series I could watch over and over again without getting bored, but Boy Meets World is definitely at the top of the list. After growing up with the show, Cory Matthews and company will always have a special place in my heart. Over the course of seven seasons, we watched Cory transform from a curly-haired sixth grader to a college graduate, who somehow managed to get his life together. Plus, he married Topanga Lawrence—thank goodness! Those two are without a doubt one of the best TV couples of ALL TIME.

The nostalgia for the show was so real that it even got its own spin-off. Sure, Girl Meets World is great and all, but nothing beats the original. Trust me, it's a classic! If you didn't cry at the BMW finale when Mr. Feeny told Cory, Topanga, and Shawn to "do good," we probably can't be friends.

Since I'm a huge fan, I decided to do you all a favor and rewatch the show's pilot while documenting the experience. Someone had to do it, right? Just a warning that after reading this, you'll probably want to do the same.

Here's a round-up of everything you forgot that happened in Boy Meets World 's very first episode:

Mr. Feeny appears in the first scene

"Good morning, Mr. Feeny" is the first line of the whole show. It seems fitting, since he's a major part of the entire series.

And he's got some great one-liners

Gotta love a good Feeny joke! From the beginning, he and Cory have the best student/teacher dynamic.

Cory already can't wait to get out of Feeny's class

As Cory complains about Mr. Feeny, Shawn says, "He's a teacher, man. Keep ragging on him and he'll make your whole sixth grade year miserable." Little do these guys know Feeny will follow them all the way to college.

There's another kid in Cory and Shawn's crew

Who is this boy with the bowl cut? He is hilarious and wears an awesome flannel shirt! Why'd they get rid of him? WHY?

The theme song was way longer

WatchBoyMeetsWorld on YouTube

It shows all of the characters, along with fun animations. To be honest, though, it's a bit long... No wonder they switched to that short-and-sweet intro later on!

Cory is anti-romance

He complains about having to study Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and believes love is a waste of time. Pretty ironic, since his future romance with Topanga will represent #RelationshipGoals for years to come.

Plus, he gets his first detention

Cory gets the first of many over the course of the entire show. This time it was because he was listening to the baseball game in class. Oops!

There's a reference to Full House

Two of everybody's favorite '90s shows collide! When complaining to his parents about why he got detention, Cory says, "I'm a kid! I don't understand the emotional content of Full House."

Cory moves out...

Temporarily! He gets mad when Eric ditches him to take a girl to a baseball game. So Cory goes and lives in his tree house instead.

Mr. Feeny teaches Cory about love

He refers to love as the "greatest wonder of the universe." Despite Cory disagreeing, Feeny knows best and says, "There is no greater aspiration than to have love in our lives, Mr. Matthews."

Eric is *not* smooth with the ladies

When he takes his date to a baseball game, Eric makes a fool of himself. He spilled food, tripped over chairs, and didn't know what to talk about.

Morgan is hilarious and adorable

Sure, two different actresses play the spunky little sister over the course of the show. But the original Morgan is a sweet and sassy little sister. She even has a tea party with Cory.

Mr. Feeny worries he doesn't teach his students anything

He tells Cory during detention, "You come into my classroom at the beginning of the year and at the end you go. And I really don't know if in the time we spent together I have taught you anything." Don't worry, George! You teach them—and all of us—plenty.

There's no Topanga

But wait, where is Topanga?! She's easily the most important character on the entire show. (Sorry, Cory!) It's pretty fascinating that she's not even featured in the pilot.

Cory realizes he has a lot to learn

One of the last quotes of the episode is when Cory tells his mom, "I don't understand anything about my entire life." Good thing there are plenty more episodes left, huh?

BRB, I'm going to go binge-watch the rest of the show now!

Images: ABC (14), PerezHilton.com