Is Kendall Jenner's Pink Hair For Real?

by Alexa Tucker

The Kardashians and the Jenners have been surprising us with major changes to their usual long, shiny brown locks lately. We've seen Kim's striking blonde, Kylie's cool seafoam green — and now Kendall's pink? Sadly, the rose-hued strands we saw yesterday were just a tease. Looks like Kendall Jenner's pink hair really was just for a Vogue shoot, but the Instagram she posted earlier this afternoon has everyone fooled.

I admit, I was stoked when I believed the pink hair in her snap was for keeps — it looks so genuine! — but photos from big sis Kim's 35th birthday party last night set the record straight. I guess her "pink baby" pic was just a throwback, because her mane was chocolate-hued and shiny as ever at the event.

Although her pink hair stint was only temporary, her post on Instagram seems to imply that she didn't hate it. Maybe Kendall is taking advice from the youngest lady in the family and considering bright colors like Kylie! However, this past spring, Kylie said she wouldn't dye her hair pink (or purple.) But then again, she's already made the leap from blue to green, so maybe she'll change her mind someday. One thing is certain: I sure hope Kendall does.

Seriously, how incredible is this color on her? So lovely and feminine.

Sadly, though, here's the pic from last night (which was after the Vogue shoot) that dashed my candy-hued dreams.

Even without the pink hair, though, how cute does she look celebrating Kim's "pregnant birthday" with a little bump of her own (and a decidedly Kim-esque outfit)?

Ah, well. In case you haven't seen it, here's the original pink hair pic from Vogue:

At least the hair will be forever immortalized in the pages of the fashion bible.

Images: KendallJenner, JoyceBonelli/Instagram; hadidkendall, Celebuzz/Twitter