Hiro Is Finally Freed On 'Heroes Reborn' & His Arrival Changes Everything

Since the beginning of NBC's Heroes Reborn miniseries the shadow of its predecessor loomed large. We've been introduced to many new faces and have had glimpses of old favorites — most notably Noah Bennet anchoring the show and tying it to the original — but have largely gone the last few weeks without anyone familiar popping up. All that changed during this weeks "Game Over", an episode that brought together different Evos, all working to save the world. After being imprisoned in a world with no time or space Hiro Nakamura was released from Evernow, escaping the video game and returning to a world that could desperately use his help.

He arrives not a moment too soon, saving Noah's life within moments of leaving the game. The two embrace like old friends — as a longtime fan of the original this moment was easily the emotional high point of the series so far. Though he is cautious at first Hiro recognizes that as CEO of Renautas Erika literally stopped time for her own benefit, and that demands action. With that, Hiro and Noah time travel to the past, but first Hiro asks Noah (in another nice call back) "promise me we will not step on any butterflies?" He agrees and we're off, going back in time like it's 2006.

We end the episode right where it all began: at the Odessa Summit on June 13th, one year in the past. Soon we'll find out exactly what happened to Claire the day of the bombing. Will they be able to save her? Will it change the fate of the world? I don't know, but I'm happy that these two are finally searching for answers together.

Images: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC