Hiro Needs To Teleport To 'Heroes Reborn' ASAP

We've already seen a few familiar faces on Heroes Reborn, but there are more fan favorites to come. When will Hiro be on Heroes Reborn ? I know "when" really is the question with Hiro, as his powers include time travel and manipulation. Clearly the series needs him, with all of these attacks on "evos" While his involvement in the universe is hinted at in Thursday's episode and has clearly interacted with Noah Bennet on his quest for answers about his memory loss, don't expect to see Masi Oka for a while on the series.

Based on what we know from IMDb and the official NBC press materials, look for Hiro Nakamura to appear first in episode 6 of Heroes Reborn.He will appear in three episodes total.That's going to be quite a bit of build-up, and for a good reason.The world has changed since Claire revealed the truth about evos to the world, and not necessarily for the better. Five years have passed since then, and I would expect that the old Heroes characters are leading much more mysterious lives than the new powered people that Heroes Reborn will introduce. At San Diego Comic-Con, Masi Oka teased that this time around his character is more mature, though this isn't the cold "Future Hiro" that we met in other episodes. It's something in between.

What will he be up to this season? If you remember from all four seasons of Heroes on NBC, Hiro was a business man and a dreamer in Japan who discovered that he had the ability to bend the time time continuum. He can freeze time, teleport, and time travel. He was also the show's comic book enthusiast who understood the world that he and the others had been plunged into better than anybody. At the end of the series, after saving everyone at the evo carnival, Hiro started a blog. He also reunited with his true love, Charlie, even though she had aged after being time traveled to the 1940s for safety, naturally.

So, I'm fascinated to see what has happened to make Hiro go from a mostly carefree blogger into the parking lot action star he is now. How is he connected to Miko Otomo, who has a Kensei sword with the classic Heroes DNA symbol, meaning it either very similar or exactly the same as Hiro's sword? I don't know if I can wait four more episodes to find out!

Images: Sophie Giraud/NBC; Giphy