Who Is Edison & Why Is He Back On 'Scandal'?

We're only a few weeks in, but it's obvious that Scandal Season 5 is all about bringing back characters and plot lines from the past, and this week's episode re-introduced someone new who isn't actually that new to the show at all. Between Fitz hanging on the edge of impeachment and Olivia dealing with the backlash of America finding out she's the president's other woman, our top gladiator needs some extra help... and it seems like it's coming from a completely unexpected place. In the midst of trying to figure out what to do next at Pope & Associates, someone familiar appeared at her door. Who is Edison on Scandal ? If you've already forgotten, NBD — there are so many romantic plot lines on this show it'd be impossible to keep up.

To refresh your memory, though? Edison is the man that Olivia was once engaged to, once upon a time. You know, before Fitz came into her life, and before the show began. As their love story goes, they were planning to get married when their relationship became dangerous because Eli Pope wasn't a huge fan of him... I know, shocker. And like Fitz, Edison works in government — he's a Senator — and try as he might to live happily ever after with Olivia, I'm pretty sure by now everybody knows she just isn't the riding off into the sunset kind.

However, from everything Scandal has given us to work with on Edison, he's a pretty good guy and always has been. Which is why it isn't surprising that he came to Olivia's rescue, no questions asked. He gave an awesome interview in her defense and painted her out to be an awesome person who has come to his rescue plenty of times, and reminded the public how unfair it is that, as a woman, she's being subjected to so much scrutiny when this affair is just as much Fitz's fault.

Edison, I always knew I liked you. If only Olivia could be happy being a Senator's wife. If it wasn't for Jake, he'd be my pick for her for sure.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC, dailyscandal/Tumblr