Is Miko Dead On 'Heroes Reborn'? She Faced Her Evernow Destiny & May Never Return

The story of Evernow has been on of the biggest mysteries on Heroes Reborn — what is this land? How can Miko transport herself there with only a sword, and where is Hiro Nakamura in all of this? We finally got some answers, but none of them were good for Hiro's daughter Miko. She was sent on a mission to rescue her father, also known as the man who masters time and space. Between the insignia on the sword and Miko's mission it was easy for Noah Bennett to identify her father as Hiro. Unfortunately he had long ago been captured and had his powers harnessed, just like Molly Walker. However unlike Molly, Hiro had to be trapped in Evernow, a videogame with no time or space that he could use to escape.

A worker told Noah and Miko that Renautas was using his powers to build a better future, which is creepy and also code for building their own time machine to the future so that a few select Renautas employees could escape after they destroy the world. Miko realizes that she needs to save her father now more then ever, and that journey is something she would not survive. While fighting a zombie version of Katana Girl she was told her that her life was "stolen from a dead girl", which is not the first time she's been accused on being dead.

After defeating the Zombie-Katana-Girl she succeeded in rescuing her father, but freeing Hiro may have killed Miko. Referred to as a virus, her opening the door may have ended her coding, so to speak. Did unlocking the door end her life? We don't yet know how she came to be or if saving Hiro was the last thing she'd ever do, but I'm guessing we haven't seen the last of her yet.

Images: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC