Amelia & Meredith Are Torn Apart By Penny On 'Grey's Anatomy' & Their Relationship May Never Be The Same

Neither Meredith Grey nor Amelia Shepherd are necessarily known for their great decision-making skills on Grey’s Anatomy, so it’s not really a surprise that when ish hits the fan, neither of them really know what to do about it. That material hitting the fan was served up recently by Penny, Callie’s new girlfriend who also happens to be the doctor that let Derek die of a brain bleed after his car accident. Now that’s an awkward that even a margarita won’t fix. Unfortunately, margaritas didn’t come in handy here, and Penny caused a huge fight between Meredith and Amelia.

It all started when Penny walked into Meredith’s house. You see, Meredith knew who Penny was, but she kept it a secret from the rest of the guests. Why? Because that’s what Meredith does. I know that I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep that secret, but that’s me. Anyway, once everyone at the table found out that Penny killed Derek (and I say killed loosely here), they all ganged up on her, especially Amelia. Amelia even went so far as to demand what her brother’s last words were, which, damn Amelia. Netflix and chill yourself out, okay? By then, Meredith had retreated to her room to escape the screaming.

Of course, Amelia eventually came up to Meredith’s bedroom to demand why Meredith hadn’t told her who Penny was. “I hugged her,” Amelia even proclaimed. Usually, I would leave it to Amelia to lose it at any given moment, but it was Meredith this time who exploded, telling her sister-in-law that she lost her husband and the father of her children, so she doesn’t get to fall apart and be selfish like Amelia is, so get the hell away before “I kill you.” Seriously, it was good to see Meredith standing up for herself. Amelia forgets that she’s not the only one who lost Derek.

As cathartic as it was to watch, it was also pretty damaging for the two of them—Meredith and Amelia haven’t had a fight this bad over something as serious as Derek, and I hope they recover. They’re all each other has, really, so they need to mend the fence as soon as possible.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC; Giphy