Amelia & Meredith Have Some 'Grey's' Issues

Right when Meredith loses a roommate (aka her husband, Derek Shepherd, who died in a car crash last year, she gains a new one. At the start of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Meredith, Maggie (her half-sister), and Amelia (Derek’s youngest sister) are all in that big old house that Derek built. Unfortunately (especially for Maggie), They are all not the easiest of roommates, and Meredith and Amelia are clearly the most dysfunctional relationship on the show. Yes, even after April and Jackson.

Meredith and Amelia moved in together right after Derek died because it was a great source of emotional comfort for both of them. But the problem with living with someone is that you live with them — you experience all of their ups, downs, and socks on the bathroom floor. When Amelia begins to sledgehammer a hole right through their living room wall, well, Meredith’s not too happy about it. One is clearly Felix, and the other is absolutely Oscar. Meredith is sloppy — she leaves her clothes out, she leaves dishes in the sink, she is generally just a mess. Amelia, now super sober and functional, puts said clothes away, washes said dishes, and generally cleans up said messes. And yes, Maggie has to live in the midst of all of this complaining.

All of this infighting really reminds me a lot of Meredith and Derek, and it’s kind of comforting to a loyal Grey’s Anatomy fan like myself. Sure, I voted for Derek to get killed off just to make the show more interesting, but Derek and Meredith’s relationship was always fun to watch. Even when they were fighting (which was a lot), the show really centered on this one couple trying to make it work despite shootings, plane crashes, stabbings, train explosions, etc. Having Amelia paired with Meredith is like having a more interesting Derek paired with Meredith. A Derek who can make out with Owen Hunt on the front porch. What’s more interesting than that?

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