Will Fitz & Olivia Get Married On 'Scandal'? The Promo For Next Week's Episode Is Telling

Shondaland shows have certainly done their best to throw a shocking plot twist or two at me over the years, but this one is something I never thought I'd live to see. It's weird enough that Olivia and Fitz are open about their relationship on Scandal (much to the dismay of Mellie and the American public) but now, it looks like they might actually be getting married? Like, for real, and not in a dream sequence, either. According to the promo for next week's episode, Olivia and Fitz are getting married on Scandal , unbelievable as that very sentence may actually sound to people like me who have been following along for the past five years. But the clips for next week's episode are routinely known for talking a big game, so whether or not this actually happens has yet to be seen.

So apparently, it all starts when Leo Bergen has the brilliant idea that in order to keep Fitz from getting impeached, he and Olivia need a shotgun wedding — pronto. Painting their love story as romantic and star-crossed just isn't good enough, and it looks like the only way to fix it is if they make their relationship official. And from the little ABC is giving us, it looks like Olivia and Fitz are actually taking their advice.

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Well, duh. Getting married has always been their dream, right? The secluded cabin, the babies, all that? This is just one step closer... if they actually go through with it. And judging by Scandal's history, it wouldn't be the first time they tried to get viewers hyped up for something to happen for Olivia and Fitz that never manages to materialize.

Besides, why is "marriage" the thing we're throwing at problems now to fix them? Last season, it was Cyrus and Michael who were subjected to a wedding of the shotgun variety, and now this? Seems a little like overkill if you ask me.

I'll believe that Olivia actually makes it down that aisle After all, she's got a little something in the back of her head now — the fact that Jake was married and never told her, and it's obvious it's bugging her. Might that little tidbit end up being the thing that stops her from exchanging vows? We'll have to wait and see next week!

Image: John Fleenor/ABC