Asher May Turn Against Bonnie On 'HTGAWM'

Guys, who ever thought the most moral person on How To Get Away With Murder would be Asher Millstone? Somewhere along the way he's developed a conscience, and it's kind of a breath of fresh air. I mean, sure, at first he was going to rat out Annalise to save himself, but by the end of Thursday's episode I really believe Asher will turn Bonnie in because he knows it's the right thing to do. What did Bonnie do, you ask? Well she definitely killed Rebecca, although Asher may not know that. But, during the time jump we see Bonnie leave the scene of the mansion crime covered in blood — so she's still up to no good.

Asher is waiting in the car for her when she leaves the house, but he looks less than thrilled. It's clear he's struggling with Bonnie's sense of justice which is a little more violent than a guy raised by a judge is probably used to. In the episode we watched Asher wrestle with the idea of testifying against Bonnie. Sure, he loves Bonnie and she copped to Sam's murder (although she didn't do it), but you can tell he still wants to tell the truth, even if it gets Bonnie in trouble. He seems frustrated that Bonnie and Annalise took matters into their own hands when Bonnie was "raped" (as she pretends happened to her), instead of taking matters to the police.

I think whatever Bonnie got up to in the mansion is going to be the last straw for Asher. When Bonnie goes to wash the blood off her, he makes his escape and we next see him in a police stateion, saying he needs to make a statement. It's got to be hard to make a statement against someone you love, but I hope Asher goes through with it. I know Bonnie's gone through a lot in her life, but you can't just go around killing people, even if they "deserve" it. (And, Rebecca was innocent!) Bonnie needs to be caught for that murder (plus whatever she did at the mansion) and if Asher's the one to take her down, more power to him.

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Image: Greg Gayne, Mitch Haaseth/ABC