Who's The Man In Adele's "Hello" Music Video? '90210' Fans Will Be Pleased

Whoa. Hold on. One minute I'm settling in to watch the first visual evidence of Adele's reemergence into the music scene after a several-year-long hiatus, and the next I'm trying to figure out who the man in Adele's "Hello" music video is, because darned if that face isn't so familiar. Then it hits me: When did the Adele start dating 90210's young and naive Dixon Wilson? Oh, okay. Right. Dixon Wilson is a fictional character. What I meant to say is: What is Tristan Wilds doing in the music video for Adele's newest heartbreaking single?

Being attuned as I am to what stories Adele and/or her video directors are trying to convey in all her music vids, it looks as though Wilds is Adele's boyfriend. The relationship is played out over the course of the entire music video, from endearing moments like offering her soup in bed to him eventually storming out.

But if I'm trying to answer this question in a slightly less literal sense, there are a few possibilities. Maybe 90210 became Adele's staple guilty-pleasure TV series (as it did for so many of us), and she was so impressed with Wilds's acting that she told herself one day he would make a great turbulent love for one of her videos. That baby face, though.


Or maybe she had that thought watching one of Wilds's plenty of other TV or movie appearances. Before catching the role as the adopted son on the 90210 reboot, Wilds spent a few years playing Michael Lee on the HBO series, The Wire. In between the two series, he was Lily's love interest, Zach Taylor, in the big screen version of The Secret Life of Bees.

Or it's just as likely someone on the video production team may have known that Wilds is no first-timer when it comes to music vids, whether it's a random cameo or as the musical artist himself (going by his nickname Mack).

Though it's hard to imagine the same face that, in the second season of 90210, fell for girlfriend Sasha's semi-ridiculous claim that she was pregnant now all grown-up having a whole different set of relationship problems... with Adele, there it is. See for yourself.

Image: XL