Ed Sheeran & Ruby Rose Are A Perfect Hosting Duo

Have you heard the wonderful news? Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose will host the MTV EMAs in Milan this weekend. The pairing, while seemingly random at first glance, actually makes a weird kind of sense the more you think about it. As MTV's on-point ad campaign featuring the two co-hosts points out, both stars are a disarming mixture of cute and badass, so together they should be cute and badass squared. Of course, I still have to wonder if Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose are friends. I mean, the thought of them hanging out (with Taylor Swift, of course) is almost too much to handle.

Well, unfortunately for us, it seems that the two hadn't really crossed paths too much throughout their respectively meteoric rises to fame before signing on to host the EMAs together. It makes sense, he's an English pop star, while she's an Australian model/TV personality/actress. That said, there's definitely a spark of friendship between them, because while this is their first time working together, they're already proving to be quite the dynamic duo via social media. Their respective Twitter accounts feature tidbits of banter between the two of them, and I'm sure before long one (or both) of their Instagram accounts will present us with a joint selfie. Just last week, in fact, Rose tweeted Sheeran in joking anguish:

... and Sheeran was quick to assuage her fears:

Really, that solution works for any problem: If you're ever nervous about something, just throw as many sexual innuendos at is as you possibly can, and you'll be just fine.

Then earlier this week, Sheeran was given an honorary doctorate from his local university (the University Campus Suffolk) for "outstanding contribution to music." He was quick to make light of the honor on Instagram...

... and was even quicker to clear things up via Twitter.

Rose got in on the fun, by speculating on whether or not his new title would affect their co-hosting duties...

... and, not to be outwitted, Sheeran made further light of his new degree.

Kind of adorable, right? Now, if that's the kind of banter EMAs viewers can expect from the pair on Sunday night, I think we can safely assume we're in good hands with the co-hosts. I mean, as Sheeran so eloquently and succinctly put it, "whoop whoop."