It's Been A Great Style Week For Kate Middleton

Fashion week might be over, but you wouldn't know that from checking out this royal's street style. Looking fabulous at all times might be an unofficial requirement of princess-hood, but Kate Middleton's most stylish looks prove why she's the one with the crown. This week as been a fashionable one for the Duchess of Cambridge, who is back in the spotlight after giving birth to Princess Charlotte back in May.

Ball gowns, big crowns, and glass slippers are what one generally pictures when thinking "princess style," but Middleton has some royal fashion rules of her own. She shows that not only can she rock a tiara but she can also rock vastly different looks many times in one week. Move over, Cinderella!

Middleton has been less active in the public eye since the birth of baby number two, but she's back — and she's stepped up her style game to celebrate the occasion. From flirty lace dresses to swoon-worthy jackets, each look she sported this week was completely different than the last.

Sure, she's worn fabulous outfits before — just think back to her stunning wedding gown and plethora of adorable hats —but it seems she's reached a whole new level. Middleton manages to transform minimalist looks into head-turners, which is one of the reasons why the world loves her so much. Let's look back at her recent style wins, shall we?

1. Lady In Red

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's not everyday that you see Middleton wearing such a bright color, but it definitely paid off. She rocked the brightly hued Jenny Packham gown for her first state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Who could overlook her shining accessory? According to Vanity Fair, it was only the third time the Duchess has ever worn a tiara. She choose a hand-me-down Princess Margaret Lotus Flower headpiece for the stylish affair.

2. Lovely In Lace

Chris Jackson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Next came Middleton's monochrome Dolce & Gabbana outfit. The designer dress cost $3,495 and made for a classic meets edgy look. She might not have been wearing a crown, but it was quite clear who the princess was.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Just look at that bag and her flawless earrings!

3. Bright Blue Hue

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cold weather just got a little hotter. Middleton is a fan of blue coats, but this is a much deeper hue than the pastel shade she's often seen sporting.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just look at how fabulous the color looks with her chocolate brown hair!

And when she slipped the jacket off she revealed a matching blue skirt and stylish black turtleneck. She might be the only person who can make the words "stylish" and "turtleneck" work in the same sentence, IMO.

I can't wait to see what she'll wear next!

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