Kate Middleton & Prince William Visit Their Old College Stomping Grounds, & It Makes For A Perfect Date

Forget everything you may have heard about possible trouble in royal couple paradise: the future king and queen of Great Britain are so solid they took a trip back in time to where it all began for them. Kate Middleton and Prince William recently went on a throwback date at St. Andrews in Scotland, where they first met way back in 2001 when the two youngins were mere college students. The 33-year-old Duchess and Duke of Cambridge wisely took a break from parenting Prince George and Princess Charlotte and spent some quality time both working and playing together in Scotland.

Kensington Palace confirmed via Twitter that Middleton and Prince William visited a theater called Dundee Rep, spoke with young people at a workshop designed to stop mental health discrimination, congratulated the BAFTA Young Game Designers winners, and kicked back at their alma mater, where they stayed at the five-star Old Course hotel near the University of St. Andrews. They reportedly had dinner and split a dessert at the hotel's Road Hole Restaurant (I'll place my bet on the Honduran Guanaja Chocolate).

Even though it seems like the couple were there for business more than pleasure, you have to assume their trip conjured up all kinds of sweet nostalgic thoughts, ones that are too easy to forget when you're wrapped up in the stress of caring for a toddler and newborn while serving as the most famous public faces in your country. Talk about pressure.

Kensington Palace graciously helped jogged their memories with this throwback photo:

I'm sure they won't have a whole heck of a lot of time up north alone and will be eager to return to their children, but I can only hope Middleton and Prince William incorporated a few of the following moments in their shared history in their throwback date.

A Kiss At St. Salvator's Hall

Call it fate. Both Middleton and Prince William were assigned to St. Salvator's Hall when they started university and the brunette was quickly dubbed the prettiest girl at "Sally's" by the end of Freshman week. William reportedly liked her right away because she was shy and quieter than the other girls. Would be awesome to find out they sneaked on campus to kiss at their old dwelling before anyone noticed they were there.

A Swim At The Old Course Hotel

While they were still courting, William joined the water polo team and he and Middleton would go swimming most mornings at the Old Course Hotel — wonder if they went for a quick dip while they stayed there, just for old time's sake?

A Visit Their First Apartment

After Prince William's first year at St. Andrews he requested that he and a few friends be able to leave St. Salvator's and live together in an off-campus apartment. Middleton was one of the buddies who packed her bags and joined Prince William at 13a Hope Street, where the landlady told the Daily Mail she relaxed her "no boys" rule for the Duke and Duchess and called them "ideal tenants." Middleton and her future husband apparently fell in love while living together with another young man and woman.

A Reacreation Of The Lingerie Show That Started It All

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Middleton probably never imagined she could one day be queen when she sashayed down a university fashion show runway wearing a black see-through slip and panties. William, who was still just her friend, reportedly sat in the front row and, after seeing Middleton through new eyes, told a buddy she was "hot." And the rest is history. All I'm saying is: there are a lot of black slips that look just like the one she modeled and a night without kids is nothing to take lightly.

And there you have it: the perfect royal throwback date to instantly dissolve any and all possible marriage woes.

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