Last-Minute ‘AHS: Hotel’ Countess Costume Ideas That Let You Channel Lady Gaga With Items You Already Have

When scrambling to put together a semi-decent costume for Halloween, it's best to avoid the completely extravagant, right? Wrong. If you want to show off an amazing get up, like say Countess from American Horror Story: Hotel costume, you still can. Promise. Dressing as Lady Gaga's AHS character is actually pretty simple even if it doesn't seem like it would be at first. Why? Because no one expects you to wear actual couture.

As always, a Lady Gaga costume is a great way to go because it's easily recognizable. No one is going to be guessing who you are when you march around with fancy jewelry and blood on your neck. At least I hope they wouldn't think that's your go-to look. The thing with this costume is, you can still pack a punch without having to go totally out of your way to do it. Besides, who isn't talking about Gaga and AHS at the moment? This is your chance to shine and do it for relatively no effort or money. Well, maybe just a little.

Here is how to put together a last-minute Countess costume, that'll ensure you'll look awesome without having to ransack the scraps the Halloween stores have left over:


This look, more than the clothes themselves, is all about costume jewelry. Break out your stash and search through some of your more extravagant-looking or gaudier pieces in order to achieve The Countess' over-the-top glam. If you, for some reason, don't have anything comparable, and have a little time, you can head to Forever 21 to pick up some inexpensive pieces.

For instance, this necklace that costs $15.90:

Or, these earrings for $7.90:

If you feel like you absolutely have to rock the hair as well (note: you totally don't have to), you can pick up a blonde wig like this one, from Walmart for $14.91. And, the best part is, you can literally do this on your way to your party.

The Glove

This one is a biggie. Now, I don't expect you to find a clawed, bedazzled glove on a moment's notice. In fact, I don't really expect you to find a clawed glove like ever, unless you're Freddy Kruger.

Make it easy on yourself: Get out an old glove and do the bedazzling yourself. If you have any glitter, or sequins, or rhinestones, or glue laying around the house, get to it. It's not an exact replica but it still drives the importance of the glove home. If you don't have anything sparkly laying around, that's OK. The glove will do just fine (so long as it's not fluffy and multicolored). But remember, only wear one.

The Outfit

Here you can go one of two routes: You can either slap on your very own white bathrobe hanging on the back of your door and rock it as a dress like Gaga does above. Or, you can take on one of her fancier gown looks. If you do decide to wear the robe, rock something unassuming in color and pattern underneath.

If you're going the gown route, pick something more elaborate rather than plain. If you don't have an exactly "elaborate" dress, choose one of the bolder colors The Countess has worn, like fuchsia or red.

Shoe-wise, this is your time to dust off your highest heels. If you have high platform shoes, even better.

Make Up

This one should be a breeze. Get out your black eye liner and do your best and most dramatic cat eye. Don't know how? Here's a tutorial:

Pin Up Beauty on YouTube

Another make up staple? Red lipstick, or a lipstick that you have that is in the red family. Apply a light brown or golden eye shadow to complete the look.

If you want to look bloody, but don't have the time to get to a Halloween store, take that red lipstick and draw on some blood. Smudge it around to make the lines look less defined, and you're ready to go.

See? That wasn't all that hard. The Hotel Cortez staff would be proud to have you as their representative.

Images: Forever 21 (2); Giphy; Walmart