Hairstyles For When You're On The Go

If you're like me, you're completely intimidated by updos or any hairstyle that looks more complicated than a basic ponytail, and you also probably assume they take way more time to do than you have. And the abundance of articles out there on hairstyles you can do in five minutes tells me a lot of people are right there with me.

The thing is, whenever I click on articles or video tutorials that promise me awesome hairstyles in minutes, I often end up feeling wildly intimidated all over again. Sure, they might take five minutes if you're already a total pro at doing your own hair and can work your way around the ins and outs of a curling iron in seconds, but for those of us regular folk who haven't spent hours of our lives becoming super amazing at hair and makeup, it all still seems totally impossible to achieve on our own.

I once watched a "super easy, on-the-go" hair tutorial that literally involved more steps and processes than I have ever done in my entire life — including special occasions like weddings and proms.

And that's why I went on a hunt for actually achievable hair tutorials that don't take a lot of time and that the average person with regular hair maintenance skills can pull off. So if you're on the market for some quick and easy new looks, but aren't a seasoned professional who considers teasing and hairspray part of your everyday routine, then take a look at the below seven super cute looks.

1. Updo With Scarf

This look from YouTuber Elesa Jade just requires a hair tie and scarf, and is also awesome for covering up a bad hair day. It might take a try or two to get exactly right, but it's certainly no french twist or waterfall ponytail.

2. The Messy Bun

This messy top of the head bun works best with long hair, but you can definitely pin back stray strands with standard bobby pins to make it work for medium-length hair as well. And the best part is, it's supposed to look a little uneven and haphazard, so it definitely doesn't need to be perfect.

3. Low Side Bun

This is another super simple bun look from YouTube's SignatureSeries. Just skip to 0:40 for this particularly glamorous one.

4. Accessorize With A Bow

No matter what you do — from ponytail to bun to side braid — a strategically-placed bow will instantly elevate the look from casual to put-together. Take a look at Karla Celis's tutorial on eight different ways to pump up any simple look with bows.

5. Twist And Pin The Sides

This is another crazy simple look that will instantly make you look more pulled-together and make others think you're kind of a pro. Just twist the front strands of your hair together and pin them back. Jump to 1:30 of YouTuber Tess Christine's tutorial for a helpful visual.

6. Headbands

OK, I've definitely recommended xoVain Senior Editor Alle Connell's tutorial on headbands several times before, but it's because headbands are seriously so easy and instantly pull together your look. Seriously — so easy!

7. Bumped Ponytail

This is a super simple ponytail with a minor embellishment to give it a sleeker, slightly fancier quality that will look awesome for a ton of different occasions, both casual and formal. And the best thing about this particular tutorial from YouTuber TiffanyD is that it doesn't require any complicated teasing.

So there you have it: Seven super simple hairstyles that have been approved and vetted by a fellow hairstyling novice. Now have fun with them

Images: Pexels (1)