‘90s TV Couples Vs. Real Couples

When it came to teaching our adolescent hearts about love, there was no one better than the power couples of '90s TV. Whether we were pining for a food-loving Steve to our DJ Tanner or wanted to be just like Boy Meets World 's Cory and Topanga, there was no shortage of relationship inspiration on our TVs every day. While nostalgia pretty much guarantees these couples feel relevant to us even today, how realistic were these relationships?

TV viewers got wrapped up in these couples because of the on-and-off drama. (I'm looking at you, Ross and Rachel. You too, Joey/Pacey/Dawson love triangle.) For many of us, that level of "Will they, won't they" isn't feeding our relationships. Also, we don't have people tuning in every week to find out what will happen next. However, that doesn't hinder the impact these couples had on our formative years.

Looking back at some of the greatest '90s relationships, it's hard not to notice how unrealistic they can be. Even with that in mind, it's still fun to look back and see how we (and they!) have grown. Here are 11 major moments in '90s TV romances and how they compare to real-life relationships.

1. Pacey Basically Building A Sailboat In Tribute To Joey

And thus made every real teenage boy seem lazy.

2. The B.M.O.C. And The Cheerleader Got Together, Of Course

The prettiest girl and the hottest guy got together — and were still totally approachable? I wish this was real life.

3. Buffy, A Vampire Slayer, Dated Vampires

Most teenage girls don't date vampires. Most.

4. Ross And Rachel Accidentally Got Married

Again, accidentally marrying your ex in Vegas isn't too common of a situation.

5. Felicity Crossing The Country To Pursue A Crush

It's romantic ... and expensive. And implausible.

6. Nick Wrote A Song For Lindsay

Even though this is technically a moment from 2000, the origin of Lindsay and Nick dates back to 1999. Anyway, his gesture was over-the-top, especially for a teenage boy.

7. The Whole Dawson/Joey/Pacey Thing

It's not too realistic that the boy next store and his best friend fight over the girl next door — but it made for excellent TV.

8. Sabrina Couldn't Tell Harvey She Was A Witch

Again, not a plight typical of teenage girls.

9. Topanga Laying Down The Law

Few girls her age have this awesome level of confidence.

10. Pacey And Joey Were Unchaperoned For An Entire Summer

Just two high school juniors alone at sea. Totally normal.

11. Ross Told Rachel To Get Off The Plane

It takes a lot to give up a dream job in Paris. Luckily, Ross fit the bill.

Here's to the '90s relationships that gave us all of the goals — even when they weren't realistic at all.

Images: ABC (screenshot); Giphy (11)