9 Things The 'Jumanji' Reboot Needs To Include From The Original Movie

When it comes to '90s kids movies, Jumanji is definitely at the top of the list, in my book. The original 1995 film starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, among others (Bebe Neuworth! Bonnie Hunt!) was one of the major highlights of the decade for me, and spawned an even greater love of the fantasy genre than I already had. Jumanji was not only imaginative and original, it was also a whole lot of fun, so the news that a Jumanji reboot is slated for Christmas 2016 was music to my ears. That tune just got a whole lot sweeter because Scott Scott Rosenberg has signed on to write the new Jumanji script, meaning we're just that much closer to this remake being a reality. I seriously can't contain my excitement.

If Rosenberg's name sounds familiar, you probably remember him as the man behind Gone in 60 Seconds and Con-Air, just to name a few. Having such stellar credits to his names makes it even more exciting for him to be at the helm of the new Jumanji. However, given that the original is such a classic, I hope they keep all the things that were so wonderful about it in this new version. Sure, technology has advanced, but kids are kids and they'll still be thrilled by the same thing we were in 1995.

Here are nine things that need to be in the new Jumanji, or I'll be seriously disappointed.

The Big Reveal

There's that amazing moment when the Jumanji game is uncovered, the sand falling from its cover to reveal the title, that just sent goosebumps down our adolescent spines. I can't think of a more classic part of the original film, so this has got to stay in.

The Original Design Of The Game

I know we have fancy CGI and crazy special effects now, but I hope the new Jumanji doesn't stray too far from the original when it comes to the actual design of the board game. I thought it was fantastic for its time and it honestly doesn't need an update.

Peter Turning Into A Werewolf

This will obviously be part of the remake considering it was a major part of the first movie (or at least not something you'd expect to be cut out), but it's worth mentioning anyway because it was so fun (and pretty adorable, in hindsight).

The Stampede In The Library

Basically all of the effects in the original movie were fantastic, but there was something about that loud rumbling that preceded the stampede of rhinos, elephants, and other African animals that used to make the hairs on my arms stand up when I was a kid. Let's keep that.

And The Stampede On The Street, For That Matter

Sure, it's basically just a continuation of the library scene, but seeing all the animals in the street, crushing cars and going crazy was awesome, and I'm sure new audiences would agree.

Alan's Boyish Charm After So Many Years In The Game

It'll be hard to find someone as perfect for the role of Alan Parrish as Robin Williams was, but I hope they do, because his boyish charm was one of the best parts of him. Despite the years he spent in survival mode in the game, he still retained many of the qualities he had when he went into it, and that's worth preserving.

The Monkeys Taking Over The Kitchen

What would you do if you walked into the kitchen and there were a ton of wild monkeys completely destroying it? Likely run away very quickly and try to call animal control. Either way, it needs to stay in the movie.

The Ridiculous Shopping Scene With Van Pelt

Van Pelt was a formidable villain, but also a really hilarious one. Him being shot across the market on a raft is probably one of the best scenes in cinematic history, right?

The Totally Fake But Still Terrifying Lion

I mean, you could totally tell it was fake, even when you were only a kid, but that didn't make it any less amazing. I vote for keeping the terrible effects for kitsch value, though I doubt I'll get my wish on this one. Look at Peter and Judy's faces!

Sarah's Totally Neurotic Personality

Sarah, played by the amazing Bonnie Hunt, was a total basketcase, and that's why she was amazing. I hope they can find an actress with as much neurotic energy because she was THE BEST.

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