Kylie Jenner Wears Suede In A New Way

by Augusta Statz

I swear this girl can pull anything off. Kylie Jenner wore a suede baseball cap and was the epitome of cool. Suede is so on-trend for fall, but wearing it in a way that’s this unique is so something Jenner would do. Between her blunt bob and that hat, she’s got it going on in this latest Instagram snap.

Putting a hat on is the best way to look put-together when, you know, you don’t feel like washing your hair. It’s so easy to be all lazy-girl chic while wearing this item, so why not take that to the next level with a suede hat this season? Just genius. Good looking out, Kyls. This isn’t the first time she’s rocked a hat, either. From flat bills to wide-brims, she really knows what she’s doing when it comes to fashionable headgear. Forwards or backwards, pink hair or blue hair, it doesn’t matter how she wears them, she always looks good.

Check out Jenner’s most recent trendy cap along with nine other times that she’s worn a hat better than any other. And the next time you’re not really feeling the whole getting dressed thing — channel your inner Jenner. Because wearing clothes really can be overrated sometimes, am I right?

Suede snapback type of cool.

1. Monochrome

All-white is always the answer.

2. Yeezy Season

She rocked a cap while walking in Yeezy Season 2.

3. Gray Feels

I'm loving the matching hat and sweat pant thing.

4. Casual

This is my kind of errand-running outfit.

5. So Chic

A wide-brimmed hat paired with an overcoat makes for the perfect fall look.

6. Backwards

Backwards hats and basketball courts.

7. Hoodies & Hats

The ultimate laid-back combo.

8. Matching

Matching your hat to your shoes is a good move.

9. Stunna

Between this hat and hair color combo — she does no wrong.

Hat game strong.

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