Tom Hiddleston's Smile Makes The World Better

It's no secret that Tom Hiddleston is a god among mortals. His screen and stage acting credits places him into the top echelon of thespians... and, of course, he is a total hunky hunk. But, obviously, Hiddleston's greatest contribution to the planet earth is his smile. The world is simply a better place when place when Tom Hiddleston smiles.

After all, Hiddleston's smile is literally like bottled sunshine. If a magical genie came from the sky and granted me three wishes, my first wish would be to end world hunger, my second would be for world peace, and my third would be for a pocket-sized Hiddleston so I could see him smile whenever I want.

Since genies are not real (or maybe they are just really good at hide-and-seek), I must resort to looking at pictures and videos of Hiddleston on the Internet. (And by resort, I mean, I spend a lot of my free time doing this very activity. I promise it is not in a creepy way. It is in more of a scientific way, like scientist. A scientist who is studying just how gosh darn cute Hiddleston is.) So, here is the evidence I have gathered thus far about the different Hiddleston smiles.

A Young Tom Hiddleston Smile

This is one of the earliest evidence of Hiddleston's smile — and I must say, Hiddleston looks dashing with blonde poodle hair.

A Shy Tom Hiddleston Smile

This might be my favorite smile. It shows how humble Hiddleston is.

A Tom Hiddleston Smile, Plus Air Kiss

It's like two-for-one present bonanza.

A Sad Tom Hiddleston Smile

Even when holding back tears, Hiddleston has the face of an angel.

A Scruffy Beard Tom Hiddleston Smile

I like when the usually clean-shaven Hiddleston lets his wild side loose.

A Laughing-So-Hard-He-Smiles Tom Hiddleston Smile

The titles says it all. This smile is infectious

A Rubs His Eyeball Tom Hiddleston Smile

So cute. So cute. So cute.

A Loki Tom Hiddleston Smile

This man has such a powerful smile.

A Leaning In Tom Hiddleston Smile

It's like he wants to tell you a secret.

A Lip-Licking Its So Good Tom Hiddleston Smile

His signature lip licking and he 100-watt smile? My heart can't take this.

A Tickled Funny Tom Hiddleston Smile

I wish someday, I can make Tom Hiddleston laugh like this.

A Hee-Hee Tom Hiddleston Smile

Isn't he dreamy?

A Opening The Stock Exchange Tom Hiddleston Smile

I'd invest in that smile.

A Running-His-Hands-Through-His-Hair Tom Hiddleston Smile

Everything about this image is good.

A Making Robert Downey Jr. Laugh Tom Hiddleston Smile

I bet Tom Hiddleston tells real good jokes.

A Shakes-His-Head Tom Hiddleston Smile

One word: adorbs.

A Closed-Mouth Tom Hiddleston Smile

Hiddleston makes looking good look so easy.

A Triumphant Tom Hiddleston Smile

Celebrate how beautiful you are, Tom Hiddleston. You earned it.

A Double-Hand Air Kiss Tom Hiddleston Smile

You can tell he really means it because he uses both hands.

An Open-Mouthed Tom Hiddleston Smile

It doesn't matter how he smiles, it always looks good.

A Really Likes His Cookie Tom Hiddleston Smile

I like cookies. Hiddleston and I have so much in common.

An Arm Cross, Lean, and Smile Tom Hiddleston Smile

Look at Tom Hiddleston lean. He leans in such a cute way.

A Hardy Laugh Tom Hiddleston Smile

Awww, I love it. He looks so happy here.

A Winky Face Tom Hiddleston Smile

I approve of everything that is happening in this image.

A Can't-Contain-His-Excitement Tom Hiddleston Smile

It's like his whole body is smiling.

A Cracks Himself Up Tom Hiddleston Smile

When Hiddleston and I are best friends, he will tell me the best jokes.

An "I'm Excited To Meet Miss Piggy" Smile

I have never wanted to be Ms. Piggy so badly.

A Big Grin Tom Hiddleston Smile

Look at those pearly whites. Someone has excellent dental hygiene.

A Look Up To The Sky Tom Hiddleston Smile

So purdy.

A Side-Mouth Tom Hiddleston Smile

It's like he is smiling right at me.

A Subtle Tom Hiddleston Smile

I feel like Tom Hiddleston can see into my soul.

An Eyebrow-Raising Tom Hiddleston Smile

Even his eye brows are perfect.

A Smile So Good He Closes His Eyes Tom Hiddleston Smile

So good.

And Finally, The Perfect Tom Hiddleston Smile

There's nothing like it.

With Hiddleston and his many smiles in the world, there's nothing we cannot accomplish.

Images: Giphy (34)