Tom Hiddleston's Most Adorable Fan Moments

As some fans of Thor or The Avengers may attest, the stone-faced, evil villain Loki is supposed to be the furthest thing from adorable (honestly though, he's often adorable anyway because of who's portraying him... but that's besides the point). Tom Hiddleston on the other hand — the actor who plays Loki — practically oozes adorableness from his pores. Since being extremely nice comes quite naturally to the actor, it’s no wonder Tom Hiddleston shares effortlessly sweet moments with his fans (affectionately known as the Hiddlestoners).

Those among his army of devoted supporters can probably toss out a number of adjectives to appropriately describe his interactions with fans — including "funny," "genuine," and "sincere," but none of them apply to the way the actor shows love to his fans quite like the word "adorable." If you’re still not buying into the Hiddleston lovefest, simply take a second to witness Hiddleston being totally adorable with his fans. When you do, silent tears will surely roll down your cheeks, your brows will instantly gravitate towards one another, and a long, high-pitched squeal of "awww!" will escape your throat. You might even find your hand resting lightly near the collarbone area as you struggle to grasp an understanding of just how one man can be so undeniably endearing.

Seriously, I don’t know how he does it, but the evidence of Hiddleston's incessant niceness is well-documented. Here are seven of Hiddleston's most adorable interaction with fans:

When He Recommended Songs To Hiddlestoners

Back in the day, Hiddleston took time out of his busy schedule to post "Song of The Day" tweets that addressed the musical needs of his fans. His thoughtfulness was totally adorable, right? Hopefully, he'll get back to doling out more playlist suggestions soon.

The Time He Totally Webbed This Kid

To be fair, the kid started it (which lands at about a seven on the adorableness scale), but Hiddleston finished the quick face-off with a return webbing of his own (which obviously earns a perfect 10 out possible 10 on the "ZOMG how cute was that?!" scale).

The Time He Chatted With A Fan Over The Phone

Mind you, this full-fledged convo took place during a meet and greet. Seriously, can this guy get any sweeter?

The Time He Snapped Silly Selfies With Fans

Because making silly faces for the camera is never not adorable.

When He Kissed A Fan's Hand

I'm totally trying to resist having a crush on him, but he's making it impossible.

When He Sang Happy Birthday To A Fan

Did anyone else catch how he harmonized at the end? SIGH.

The Time He Serenaded Fans With A Christmas Carol

Having Hiddleston sing to you is enough to melt anyone's heart, but the dog in his lap takes the "adorable" factor to an entirely different level.

Image: Giphy