16 Non-Alcoholic Yet Festive Halloween Drinks

Halloween is clearly the perfect time to throw a costume party, and that means that it is the perfect time to serve up the best party food around. While a soirée doesn't feel complete without some sort of libations, that doesn't mean a party without alcohol is a total bummer — and with the help of these non-alcoholic Halloween drinks, it is totally possible to have a bash without the booze. Whether you are serving to kids, or you are just trying to enjoy some non-spiked punch, these drinks won't let you down.

If you're simply trying to diversify your offerings, it's time to think beyond the booze. There are plenty of ways to throw a Halloween party, but as long as you are fully stocked with refreshments, your guests are bound to have a spooky and spectacular time.

If you opt to make some non-alcoholic punch, make it extra festive by serving it up in a plastic pumpkin. But if your party is a little more casual, don't shy away from less spooky but still seasonal options like decadent apple ciders and the like. With a drink in hand, everyone is about to have a scary good time — with or without booze.

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1. Witch's Brew Punch

Not all witch's brews require eye of newt. The Kitchn's punch is made with cranberry cocktail as its base.

2. Gummy Worm Punch

With a little bit of freezer magic, you can easily recreate Bitz & Giggles' gummy worm drinks.

3. Ghost Milkshakes

All you need is chocolate to give your vanilla shakes a spooky twist. Thanks for the tip, A Beautiful Mess!

4. Pumpkin Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

If you need something warm, try recreating the Harry Potter classic — with a bit of a twist, thanks to Half Baked Harvest.

5. Spiced Cider Punch

Taste and Tell proves that citrus and cider are one amazingly underrated combo.

6. Butterbeer

For a magical affair, serve up A Pastry Affair's version of The Three Broomsticks' choice beverage.

7. Sparkling Apple Punch

This apple punch combines the best flavors of fall. Culinary Ginger knows how to please a crowd.

8. Magic Potion Punch

This fizzy punch by Bitz & Giggles may not be a vampire's cocktail, but it sure does make for a party favorite.

9. Rock Candy Mocktail

Who says you just have to eat candy on Halloween? Swap out prosecco with ginger ale or club soda for the mocktail version of A Beautiful Mess' candy cocktail.

10. Candy Corn Punch

With just three ingredients (plus ice) and some careful pouring, High Heels and Grills' candy corn punch is beyond easy to make.

11. Hot Buttered Cider

Swap the hot buttered rum for this tasty sober version by Taste and Tell.

12. Blood Orange Martini

With just three ingredients, you can easily make a mocktail version of Culinary Ginger's spooky blood martini.

13. Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider

A spooky and sophisticated soirée demands The Kitchn's cranberry mulled cider. Bonus: it will make your home smell amazing.

14. Caramel Apple Cider

This festive take on apple cider by A Pastry Affair is perfect for kids and adults alike.

15. Easy Halloween Drink

With some Halloween peeps, some Nerds, and some Sprite, A Girl and a Glue Gun's Halloween drinks are perfectly simple to make.

16. Monster Gut Punch

For a super sweet treat, try out Giggles Galore's sherbert-based punch. Who says frozen treats are just for summer?

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Images: Culinary Ginger (3); Bitz & Giggles; A Beautiful Mess (2); Half Baked Harvest; Taste and Tell (2); A Pastry Affair (2); The Kitchn (2); High Heels and Grills; A Girl and a Glue Gun; Giggles Galore