Emma Rips Out Violet's Heart On 'Once Upon A Time' And In The Process Breaks Henry's

What's the Camelot term for "friend-zone?" Because that's what happened to Henry on Once Upon A Time . He's been spending a lot of time with Violet, his little lady friend (fair maiden?). However, it's short lived. No sooner does he make his intentions known (his courtship?) Violet tells him that she'd much rather be friends. Ouch. It's OK to feel incredibly bad for Henry, because there's a reason Violet completely shot down his advances. Turns out, Emma ripped Violet's heart out, and told her to break Henry's heart.

That's a double whammy.

Present-day Henry is trying really hard to help Violet find her missing horse. He realizes he can't do it alone, so he heads to his mom, the Dark One, for help. Henry doesn't think that she's ALL bad, and asks her to help him out. Emma immediately jumps at the chance, and it's kinda quick. Like, she is the Dark One. 20 minutes earlier she was on the verge of crushing Merida's heart, so suddenly she's going to drop everything to look for a horse? If it strikes you as weird, it's because it is. It's because Emma's trying to make up for what she did in Camelot.

In Camelot, Violet's got a small crush on Henry, too. But, Violet's Dad, Sir Morgan, basically tells him to take a hike. While trying to prove himself to be a true hero for Violet, Emma visits her instead. Emma begs Violet to keep a secret from Henry, which she is willing to do, no problem. However, the secret is that Violet needs to break Henry's heart, and then Emma rips hers out.

Henry would have never known about this, and would have mended his broken heart and eventually gotten over it. However, when Emma took everyone's memories, she recorded them in magical Dreamcatchers. Regina manages to enchant one of these and play the memories back, and that's when she and Robin see that Violet got her heart ripped out. Unknown to them, Henry's standing a ways behind, watching the whole thing.

Oh man. Though he can't necessarily remember it, Henry got his break broken in Camelot. Then he gets his heart broken again in Strobyrooke by his mom? The poor guy! All he's trying to do is be a hero, in whatever way he can, and Emma doesn't want that to happen. The Dark One? More like The Dark Mom.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC