'From Dusk Till Dawn' Season 3 Is On Its Way

Sure, Demi Lovato is appearing in the Season 2 finale, but will that be enough to bring From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series back for a third season? Don't worry, the series' fate was decided before the finale even aired. Late on Oct. 26, Deadline confirmed that From Dusk Till Dawn will return for Season 3 on the El Rey Network next year. An official premiere date has not been set, and it's tricky to predict since the series first premiered in March 2014, but Season 2 began in August 2015. Hopefully El Rey won't keep fans waiting too long this time, and we'll get to see Season 3 in the early Spring or late Summer of 2016. Update: In a press release, MIRAMAX and El Rey Network announced that From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Season 3 will premiere on Sept. 6, 2016.

Earlier: It's not very surprising that From Dusk Till Dawn was renewed. Robert Rodriguez, the director of the original film the series is based on, launched the El Rey Network in 2015, aiming to employ and cast large numbers of Hispanic people on its shows, and From Dusk Till Dawn has proven to be one of its first creative successes. There's no reason for the network not to bring back what Rodriguez considers its flagship series.

What is surprising is that From Dusk Till Dawn worked so well as a series to begin with. A movie that depends on a midway-through twist and change of genre shouldn't have the material necessary to sustain three seasons of television. But the original From Dusk Till Dawn was just a little hint at the underground world of the culebras, and in service of distracting from the twist, mostly focused on the heist that the Gecko Brothers were attempting to pull off. But in the first two seasons, the TV version of FDTD was able to step out from the shadow of the film, and if Season 3 goes for these moves, it could continue to find a lot of success.

Add More Mesoamerican Mythology

All of Rodriguez's films draw from his Mexican heritage, and so far, From Dusk Till Dawn also has a fair amount of that culture baked into it. Leaning into that for Season 3 could make for even more totally unique villains.

Somehow Rope In Quentin Tarantino

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Look, the guy loves acting, has worked with Rodriguez before (on the original From Dusk Till Dawn and Grindhouse, a co-production between the two), and played one of the original Gecko Brothers. Getting him to do a cameo on the series would be a major coup and certainly gain attention for the series.

Find More Depictions Of Horror That Don't Victimize Women

More of a problem with the first season, the succubus imagery as well as the sacrificial elements of the story made for some rather exploitative scenes. As the show has continued, there's been plenty of equal-opportunity gore, but more strong female characters like Santánico are always appreciated.

Throw In Some More Unique Supernatural Foes

The Culebras are a totally unique take on the vampire, and any vampire series eventually has to add werewolves. Twilight, Underworld, True Blood... need I go on?

Show Some Love For Rodriguez's Filmography

Since there are already some nods to the Tarantino-verse (like Big Kahuna Burger), references to the El Mariachi trilogy or even the goofiness of Spy Kids wouldn't be out of place.

Keep The Budget High Enough To Maintain The Quality

The show looks fantastic, and has been able to collect an impressive amount of guest stars, between Danny Trejo, Gary Busey, and the aforementioned Lovato. Keeping From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series' budget healthy is wildly important to maintain just the right tone between campy and creepy for Season 3.

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