Glam Makeup Ideas For Your Kitty Cat Costume

Halloween is just a few days away, and if you haven't already started planning, you might be scrambling to find a get-up to wear on October 31 (guilty over here, too, I admit). A cat costume is an easy go-to, but can seem, dare I say, a bit blah. Been there, done that, right? A glam cat Halloween makeup look though, can turn a "boring" ensemble into one that will make a statement at any holiday fête.

Cats are one of the best costumes to pull together last-minute: all you need is a pair of ears and a black outfit. Whether you wear a cute skirt and crop top à la Ariana Grande or, my personal favorite, a pair of long yoga leggings and a cozy twill vest (comfort is key, right?), chances are you've already got everything you need for a cute costume hanging right in your closet.

There are endless opportunities when it comes to your feline ensemble— sultry or sweet, classic or trendy, simple or dramatic. And by upping your makeup game to match your vibe, your short-notice kitty costume can look like you planned for weeks.

Here are three tutorials to bring your cat costume to the next level.

Stylish & Sexy

The pronounced white detailing at the inner corners of the eyes makes this makeup look especially cat-like.

Cute And Feminine

Who says you have to be a black cat for halloween? Adding pink details to your outfit to tie in with this makeup look makes it extra girly, if that's what you're going for.

Sultry And Dramatic

If you're going for more of a vampy or spooky cat costume, a deep burgundy lip and a smoky eye should do the trick (and the treat).

Sassy Cat

You don't have to be a black cat for Halloween! This tutorial will teach you how to be one sassy and gorgeous white kitty.

Retro Kitty

If Veronica Lodge of the Archie comic book series was a cat for Halloween, this is what she would've looked like. Fur sure.

Egyptian Cat

Instead of opting for the regular 'ol kitty cat, why not consider an Egyptian cat? It's bound to impress.

Leopard Cat

Black cat too basic? This leopard cat tutorial is anything but.