Ariana is Still Dressing Like a Cat

Why does Ariana Grande insist on wearing cat ears at every possible opportunity she gets? Someone please explain this strange phenomena to me. Does she think she's a cat? Does she have a cat complex? IDGI. It seems every time she steps out into the public eye, she is sporting another new pair fuzzy kitty ears (no wonder people call her a diva). Well this time, she went for the whole shabang, Ariana Grande wore a full cat-inspired outfit at Q102's Jingle Ball in Philadelphia on Wednesday night. That's right, she's now full-on dressing like a cat, the ears are just one tiny detail.

I understand that as a new artist, she is probably just trying to set herself apart by coining something signature to make her stand out. But come on, can't she just go for a drastic haircut or something like normal people? It would be one thing if she kept this obsession of hers to a minimum. At least on stage she can chock it up as part of the performance, but she doesn't draw the line there. In attempts to explain my frustrations, here are 10 times Grande dressed like a cat, when dressing like a human would have been perfectly acceptable.

1. Strolling Through the Streets of Tokyo

2. Chilling with Mickey at Disney (Mouse Ears are Basically Cat Ears)

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

3. Greeting Fans in London Pre-Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

4. Casually On SNL

5. Hanging in a Pair of Sweats

6. During a One-on-One Interview. Normal.

7. Getting Ready for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

8. In Her #LoveMeHarder Video (Which Has Nothing to Do with Cats)

9. Jingle Ball 2013...

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

10. ...and, Finally, Jingle Ball 2014

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