9 Times Tami Taylor Was A Feminist Icon On 'Friday Night Lights'

I think we can all agree on something: Connie Britton is the best. The actress is a total force — and a feminist, too. Before her role as a country singer on the ABC drama Nashville, Britton had so many kickass feminist moments as Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights . Sure, Dillion Panthers coach Eric Taylor was the well-respected leader of the football team, but that didn't mean Tami faded into the background — her strength earned her that same respect from the town and her family. Tami was the greatest, y'all.

These days, Britton plays country singer Rayna James on Nashville, based in the Tennessee city, but there's just something unforgettable about Texas' own Tami Taylor. In a world that tells women they have to choose between having a family and a career, Tami showed us she could do it all — it would be hard, but it could definitely be done. She proved that a female character could be feminine and strong at the same time, supporting her husband and daughters while still being totally her own woman. Sadly, there aren't too many TV shows lucky enough to have as well-drawn and well-rounded female characters as FNL , but that just makes Tami Taylor all the more iconic.

Here are nine times Tami was a feminist TV champion:

1. When She Told Julie It's OK To Set Boundaries With Boys

Such an important lesson right there.

2. When She Told Tim Riggins She Needs To Do Her Job

And also being supportive of his education. Win-win.

3. When She Was Frank About Needing Her Wine Right. Now.

Jeremy Barr on YouTube

The woman is not scared to want what she wants.

4. When She Gave Eric Football Advice

Because she knows the game just as well as he does — and he respects her for it.

5. When She Wasn't Ashamed To Be Sexual

Because why should she be?

6. When She Demanded Respect & Got It

It's something so small, but to Tami, it signifies that her husband is present with her and not still thinking about football.

7. When She Had Her Own Ambitions

Eric's got a great job as a football coach, but Tami had her own realized ambitions, too, and wasn't afraid to go for them. At the end of the series, she takes a job as Dean of Admissions at a Philadelphia college and — guess what? — Eric is supportive of the decision.

8. When She Pledged Her Support To Julie

From one feminist to another.

9. When She Let Us Know We Could Do Anything

Wise words from a wise woman.

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