12 Life Lessons From Amazing TV Moms

Mother's Day is a time to respect the women who gave birth to us, a time to call mothers and tell them we love them, and a time to remember all of the mothers who have shaped us throughout the years. And aside from gaining a wealth of knowledge from my own amazing mom, I've learned quite a bit from TV mothers throughout the years. From Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights to the one and only Leslie Knope, mothers across the spectrum of television have provided me with life lessons about love, life, and respect for one another and oneself.

In a time where women's rights are more loudly voiced than ever before, it's nice to see that more and more incredible women on television are stronger and more prevalent. There are so many amazing TV mothers, and each of them teaches us important lessons much like our real mothers. So lets take a look at some of the best life lessons that the greatest mothers on TV have instilled to inspire for years to come, but make sure to call your mothers if you haven't already and shower them with love first. Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there!

Tami Taylor — Friday Night Lights

Life Lesson: There are multiple, but her talks with Julie about sex really take the cake.

After she finds out that Julie has already started having sex with Matt, she sits her down and talks to her about being safe. Tami Taylor is an incredible mother and hands down one of the best characters on television in the last decade.

Claire Dunphy — Modern Family

Life Lesson: There's nothing wrong with saying no.

There's nothing wrong with wanting people to reach their potential and wanting things to be done the perfect way. There's also nothing wrong with saying no. Claire Dunphy may overdo it at times in both of these fields, but the lesson still stands. And she really is a great mother.

Clair Huxtable — The Cosby Show

Life Lesson: Respect women (and all people).

Clair Huxtable was a beacon of intelligence, respect, generosity, loyalty and motherhood for years on television. And her grace during tough situations proved that she had so much knowledge to instill in people. Her conversations and story lines involving respect are definitely the best and easily stand out as being lessons everyone should learn.

Lorelai Gilmore — Gilmore Girls

Life Lesson: So many things.

Seriously, where do I even begin? I guess one of the best lessons from Lorelai is her take on love. It's ok to fall in love, it's ok to be sad after a breakup, it's ok to get up and try again, and it's ok that in love sometimes "things come out all moron." But honestly, she taught us all so much.

Kirsten Cohen — The O.C.

Life Lesson: Sometimes you falter, but it's how you get back up that counts.

Kirsten Cohen had a rough go of it on The O.C. She was an alcoholic, she dealt with a lot of unhealthy and stupid people over the years, and she was at first very skeptical of keeping Ryan Atwood around. But she proved the immeasurable strength and determination and persistance of the human spirit when she was able to get back up and get her life together even in the darkest of times.

Melissa McCall — Teen Wolf

Life Lesson: Openness

Melissa McCall has taken the news that her son is a werewolf ridiculously well, along with all of the other crazy crap that's happened since then. She also constantly teaches Scott about strength of character over brute strength, how to be open to life's great moments and challenges, and how to understand that he can't do everything for everyone all the time just because of his supernatural powers.

Kristina Braverman — Parenthood

Life Lesson: Strength in the face of uncertainty, fear, and death

Kristina's fight through cancer and building her school have been inspirational to watch. She taught strength in every scene of Parenthood and that won't be easily forgotten.

Leslie Knope — Parks And Recreation

Life Lesson: There's literally nothing you can't do in life.

Seriously, is there anything Leslie can't do? If she were able to answer she'd probably say: "No I'm great at everything, just ask Ron."

Rayna James — Nashville

Life Lesson: Protecting your loved ones is the most important thing you can do.

There are very few people who so fiercely protect those they love more than Rayna, that includes family and friends. The proof is in so many episodes of Nashville.

Carmela Soprano — The Sopranos

Life Lesson: Behind every powerful man, there's a more powerful and smarter woman.

Tony Soprano may have been a terrible person, and Carmela may have done a few terrible things. But overall, her actions and her personality proved that she was clearly the better, smarter person in the relationship.

Cookie Lyon — Empire

Life Lesson: Be tough and don't compromise on being yourself.

Not only is Cookie unapologetically herself all the time, she also doesn't take her family (her sons basically) doing stupid things. She isn't afraid to give her kids a good talking to (or a slap if necessary — not that I condone that) when they're being idiots and she doesn't really do anything that compromises her beliefs.

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