Things I Noticed Rewatching ‘Walking Dead’ Pilot

It’s been five years since Robert Kirkman’s comic books came to life on AMC’s The Walking Dead and Rick Grimes is anything but a stranger to us these days. However there are some major differences between current Rick and past Rick. These days, Rick will pretty much kill anyone that stands in his way or threatens the safety of his group. He’s pretty much over being a hero, which is probably a good thing in the zombie apocalypse, but I also secretly miss the good Rick Grimes that trusted people too much. In honor of the five year anniversary of The Walking Dead , I went back and rewatched the pilot episode, which I haven't seen since it’s Halloween release date in 2010.

Just a reminder of what happens in the first episode before I get into this, Rick Grimes is a Georgia deputy sheriff who gets shot in the line of duty. When he wakes up from his coma he finds himself alone in a world overrun by zombies. His family is missing and he must pull himself together and find them before it’s too late. So he hits the road and heads to Atlanta. Now, I didn’t need to rewatch the pilot to remember that, but there are a bunch of things I kind of forgot about over the years and I’m here to remind you of those things. Happy Halloween TWD fanatics!

1. Rick Has Aged A Lot

Andrew Lincoln is a very attractive guy, but they have aged Rick a lot in the last five years on the show. I mean he looks so innocent and young in the pilot episode. Coma was a good look for Rick Grimes.


It’s been a long time since I’ve said that name and I almost forgot about him and all the terrible things he did to Rick. Thank God he was killed off early on in the show. Although, could you imagine what life would be like if he was still around? #drama

3. Lori Was Still Annoying

Even in the first episode she’s the worst. There is a whole story in the beginning that Rick tells Shane about how Lori said some pretty messed up things to Rick in front of Carl. Even pre-apocalypse she was a jerk. Lori’s death was possibly the best moment of the show.

4. The Situation Is Super Messed Up

Seriously though, how messed up is it that they just left Rick at the hospital. They didn’t take him off life support, kill him or do anything to make sure he was safe from walkers. They straight up just left him there in the hospital alone to be eaten by zombies. Who does that?

5. Morgan Is Way Different

Morgan is not the Morgan we know today. He was aggressive and willing to shoot anything and everything. I find it funny that he went from that to refusing to kill anyone and Rick pretty much flipped the opposite way. Either way, love Morgan, he’s wonderful.

6. Morgan’s Wife

I completely forgot about the part where Morgan’s wife is wandering around dead outside the house they are staying at and then he has to shoot her. Poor Morgan!

7. Carl Is A Little Baby

Carl is so small in the pilot episode! He’s seriously so young. It’s a pretty big shock to see him at that age after watching him these days.

8. Going To Atlanta Was Dumb

Did it lead Rick to his family? Yes, but what made Rick think going into a major city during a zombie apocalypse was smart, I’ll never understand. Atlanta’s population is 447,841…that’s a lot of zombies.

9. Glenn

I was so excited at the end to hear Glenn’s voice, but then the episode ended before we actually got to meet him. If it was my first time watching it I would have never known just how important that moment is to the future of the show. Yes, I am still crying over Glenn.

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