Amy Wins The 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Halloween Heist & It's A Well-Deserved Victory

Break out your Elvis Presley costumes and pour yourself a nice glass of soda pop. These things refer to Sunday night's episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was one of the most-anticipated of the year, at least for me, anyway. That's because it was the Fox cop comedy's annual Halloween episode, which, for the past two seasons has involved Jake and Captain Holt going at it in what has been deemed the Halloween Heist challenge. However, Amy surprised everyone by winning this year's Halloween Heist, rightfully earning the title of "The Queen of the Nine-Nine."

Though I'm certainly glad Amy came out on top during this year's competition, it was, of course, not supposed to turn out this way. That's because the Halloween Heist is traditionally a bout between Jake and Captain Holt to see which one of these frequent-yet-playful adversaries can retain possession of an item until the contest ends at midnight on Halloween, earning him the title of "The King of the Nine-Nine" and receiving the accolade of "amazing detective/genius" from his opponent. Jake was Season 1's champion, and Captain Holt reigned supreme in Season 2, so it looked like this Season 3 episode was going to serve as an epic tiebreaker.

But not if Amy had anything to do with it. However, don't think that Amy was out for blood from the beginning. She wanted to be helpful to these two men she loves and respects. She really did. But when Jake and Captain Holt picked teams for the Halloween Heist at the beginning of the episode, they each felt that Amy's allegiance to both men made her an untrustworthy team member. Neither Jake nor Captain Holt wanted Amy on his team, so she was essentially out of the competition. How rude.

If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you know that Amy never takes no for an answer, which is one of the things I love about her. Though Jake and Captain Holt's behavior was ridiculous and unnecessary, Amy gave her boyfriend the benefit of the doubt and thought telling him how upset she was about the whole thing would convince him to put her on his team. No dice. Instead, Jake thought Captain Holt had sent her, and he started talking into her chest thinking that's where the hidden camera was located. Feeling betrayed, Amy then offered her services to Captain Holt, who reacted the exact same way Jake did, talking into her tatas and all.

Jake and Captain Holt's pride and drive are what make them such fierce competitors and good detectives, but it can also make them act incredibly selfishly sometimes, and this was one of those instances. However, Amy didn't let her feelings of abandonment and anger get the best of her. Instead, she got even.

Seeing as how Jake and Captain Holt were so caught up in the Halloween Heist and so worried about the other's move, Amy took that opportunity to swoop right in and pull her own elaborate ruse to have Captain Holt basically deliver the crown to her hand for the win.

In the end, Amy realized that she's not just Jake's girlfriend and not just Captain Holt's employee but she's her own person, and that's the real prize in all this. Although, being crowned "The Queen of the Nine-Nine" and having Jake and Captain Holt tell you you're "an amazing detective/genius" is pretty sweet, too.

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