Leather Gloves That Are Cozy & Chic

This year, I'm taking a stand: No longer will I accept frozen fingers, cursing in the chilling winter wind as I try to text or look up directions. If you'd like to start the protest with me, take a look at these eight pairs of warm leather gloves that'll be sure to provide you with heat as you take that Instagram of freshly blanketed snow, unusually large icicles, or the snowman you've just built.

If anyone knows me well enough, he or she is well aware of my aversion to the cold. Yet, I still continue to live in the North East. But from November until the end of March, I practically go in hiding, and only come out during the most dire occasions. And when I do, it's Timbs on, parka wrapped up around me, chunky scarf and hat on deck, and my trusty leather gloves keeping me toasty.

It doesn't take a scientist to realize that your toes, fingers, ears, and nose are the first body parts to get cold. Basically because all of our blood flow is directed to our internal organs. Who says a heart is more important than my fingers?! I have people to text! Filters to choose!

With winter creeping at our feet, it's time to take a serious look into your glove game for the winter. Because as soon as those fingers get cold, you're basically screwed. And after all, gloves have become a trend on their own, going from just a necessity for warmth to a full-on unique accessory. Below, find faux leather winter gloves that are both insanely cozy and effortlessly chic.

1. The Tech Gloves

J.Crew Factory Faux-Leather Tech Gloves, $49.50,

I have these gloves, and can personally attest that these are by far my favorite pair that I've ever owned. Warm, with a leather trimming, and most importantly, equipped with metallized fiber tips, these gloves literally have it all.

2. If You're Looking For An Edge

Urban Outfitters Moto Rib Leather Glove, $39,

You'll basically be the coolest kid on the block with these. Who knew a little rib here and there could make all the difference?

3. The Little Bow

David & Young Faux Leather Bow Gloves, $25,

A delicate bow is just enough detail to add a little character to your glove.

4. Faux Fur

Forever21 Faux Fur-Lined Gloves, $12.90,

Faux leather and faux fur? That's the kind of warmth protection I need.

5. These Camel Beauties

Gap Faux Leather Gloves, $39.95,

What's chicer than camel? Nothing, the answer is nothing.

6. The Double Material

Wool And Faux Leather Gloves, $26.95,

Wool and winter go together like wine and cheese.

7. Heat. Tech.

Uniqlo Women Heattech Lining Faux Leather Gloves, $12.90,

Have you ever felt the luxury of heattech? Try it. You can thank me later.

8. Last But Not Least, Mittens

ASOS Faux Shearling Mittens, $22,

If you're really serious about keeping warm, mittens are the way to go, and these are no joke.

So now, I'm calling on you! Take a stand with me and say NO to the biting cold.