Can Alicia Trust Jason Crouse On 'The Good Wife'?

On Sunday night's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia's new private investigator Jason Crouse got a hell of a lot more interesting. Jason, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, flew in a few weeks ago with his sexy scruff and friendly teasing, securing a job as Alicia Florrick's go-to investigator, but hasn't been heard from since. He finally made his return in "Taxed," and revealed a bit of his own history along the way. Jason and Alicia may be closer now, but can Jason be trusted?

Alicia had her work cut out for her in Sunday's case of the week: a potential class action suit against a clothing store in SoHo that seemed to be singling out black shoppers and arresting them for supposedly shoplifting. After a client at bond court refused to take a plea deal for one such shoplifting case, Alicia enlisted Jason to help her get some dirt on the store. When he returned after having witnessed another black woman get targeted for shoplifting, Alicia got herself another client and Jason ended up on the witness stand in bond court. It was then that the prosecutor revealed that Jason used to be a lawyer. Yep, before he was a sexy investigator, Jason Crouse was a sexy lawyer, who went to bat for his clients so vigorously, he may have crossed the line a few times — he was investigated for planting evidence to help his clients. That said, it wasn't his questionable dealings that got him disbarred. Instead, Jason was dismissed as a lawyer after punching a judge in court!

Jason didn't explain his past transgressions to Alicia, and she didn't really ask. For whatever reason, she believes she can trust him. I, however, have many questions: Is he a wannabe Robin Hood, manipulating evidence to help out the innocent? Or, does he have more malicious intentions? Why did he punch the judge? Where did he work as a lawyer and why didn't Alicia know of him before? Lockhart, Agos and Lee were going to pay him double what Alicia is for his services — did they know about his past?

Hopefully some of these questions will be revealed as this season of The Good Wife moves forward.

Image: CBS