You're Destroying Your Lips By Doing This

With winter creeping up, lips tend to inevitably get drier and more chapped. But if you've noticed your lips are way worse than usual, make sure to avoid all the ways you're destroying your lips and accidentally making them more chapped. Nothing sucks worse than unintentionally making matters worse!

Though Chapstick itself isn't 100 percent addictive, I'm definitely one of those people that feels naked without swiping it on in the morning. And yes, there is always a back-up Chapstick in my purse should I (heaven forbid) lose one.

While braving literally the freaking coldest winter ever in Manhattan last year, my lips were constantly chapped AF. Though I'm glad I knew how to wear lipstick with chapped lips, it was really frustrating to not understand why my lips were crackly and dry even though I was putting chapstick on all the dang time.

That's when I knew it was time to dig through the interwebs and figure out of some other part of my daily routine was unintentionally destroying my lips. To my surprise, things I never even thought twice about were actually making my chapped lips much, much worse. Read on below so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid wrecking your lips this season!

1. Licking Your Lips

Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lifestyle site Paula's Choice shared how "your tongue transfers saliva from your mouth to your lips which actually eats away and destroys the thin layer of skin covering the lips" each time you lick them. #FightTheUrge

2. Using Lip Plumpers

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Want lips like Kylie Jenner? Paula's Choice explained it's best to avoid lip plumpers that contain capsicum or menthol, which can irritate sensitive skin and create dryness.

3. Drinking Orange Juice

That morning glass of OJ or squeeze of lemon over your salad could in fact be causing your chapped lips to get worse, according to The Today Show. The acidity can cause dryness and burning. Womp.

4. Skipping Sunscreen

Supergoop MintFusion Lip Balm, $8.50,

Whether or not the sun is glaring down, you should be rocking sunscreen on your lips every day according to SymptomFinder. Your lips can get sun burned in any season, so save yourself the pain!

5. Having A Runny Nose

Whether it's from allergies or a cold, DailyMakeover shared that the constant tissue-to-face action can result in seriously dried out lips. Chat with your doc if your allergies are severe and unrelenting!

6. Picking Your Lips

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Though it might be tempting, The Washington Post adamantly warns against picking your lips if they're chapped. It only makes your lips hurt more, and exposes them to infection. Yowza.

7. Dry Air

Your workplace might be to blame for your chapped lips! Daily Makeover explained that office heat and air con can wreak havoc in your lips, but investing in a miniature humidifier can really help! Your co-workers will probably thank you, too.

Image Credit: john giebler/Flickr