12 Halloween Costumes With Unnecessary Items To Wear To Chipotle For $3 Burritos

This year, Chipotle is offering $3 burritos — sorry, booritos — for customers who come dressed in a costume that includes one unnecessary item. Yes, you heard me right, all you need is a Halloween costume for $3 Chipotle. The idea is to highlight how pointless and unnecessary added ingredients are, and I have to hand it to Chipotle, the task is deceptively difficult.

When I was putting this list of potential costumes together, my brain had a hard time thinking of the added item. “It just doesn’t make sense to be a nurse with a baseball glove,” thought my brain. “Why would a mime have a microphone?” My brain was right: these accessories don’t make sense. And neither do all the weird processed ingredients typically found in fast food. Chipotle’s point was made loud and clear.

Chipotle is known for avoiding ingredients like soy lecithin or carboxymethyl cellulose. Due to the freshness of its natural ingredients, and the fact that it cooks in small batches, it doesn’t need to include these ingredients designed to make products last longer. Plus, I can’t imagine Chipotle ever needing to make food last — it practically flies off the shelves.

Now I’m not one for costumes, but I’ll do for anything for cheap Chipotle, and I assume you will too. So get dressed up, grab a weird prop, and go devour the fast-casual food we all love. May these costumes be an inspiration for your very own, and may we all feast on cheap burritos (with guac — yes, we know it’s extra).

1. Sun With Sunglasses

Why would a sun need sunglasses? Who knows.

Costume: Polyvore

2. Burglar With A Name Tag

There is literally no reason for a burglar to wear a name tag ($4, amazon.com) unless she is asking to be caught.

Costume: Polyvore

3. Cat With A Shower Cap

Cats can clean themselves — it's kind of their thing. They wouldn't be caught dead in a shower cap ($7.39, amazon.com), unless it's for a $3 burrito.

Costume: Polyvore

4. Nurse With A Baseball Mitt

On your way to the big game as soon as your shift ends? Thought so. Try this nurse costume ($22.99, partycity.com) and a baseball mitt ($18, amazon.com) for an outfit that looks like it could be a pun costume, but isn't.

5. Mime With A Microphone

A microphone for the silent mime. Pointless and perfect.

Costume: Polyvore

6. Bat With A Spatula

Costume: Polyvore

Bats love to flip pancakes, right?

7. Strawberry With A Pirate Hat

Who doesn't love the strawberry pirate? The strawberry DIY is from StudioDIY, and don't forget the pirate hat ($6.99, partycity.com).

8. A Cook With A Screwdriver

For when you have to fix up a lamp, and cook a soup at the same time.

Costume: Polyvore

9. A Firefighter With Gift Wrap

Nothing like a firewoman ($35, amazon.com) carrying around a flammable roll of gift wrap ($26, amazon.com).

10. A Flapper With A Beach Hat

Flappers, who party at night, certainly need a beach hat... and maybe sunscreen too.

Costume: Polyvore

11. A Mermaid With A Pair Of Sneakers

Running shoes for the mermaid who can't survive on land, and technically doesn't have any feet.

Costume: Polyvore

12. A Runner With A Flute

You must find time to practice the flute, even on your runs.

Costume: Polyvore

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Image: anima kitty/Flickr; StudioDIY