11 Shades Of Nail Polish That Everyone Should Own

When stocking your makeup bag, there are plenty of products deemed absolutely essential. Maybe you can't live without mascara, blush, or your favorite eyebrow gel. For me, the same kind of essential foundation is needed when it comes to crafting the perfect nail polish collection. Just like you need to create a solid base when you're building up a beauty guru level makeup cabinet, if you are a manicure obsessive, you'll want to keep a few key polishes within reach. You never know exactly what kind of look you might need to try out, especially at the last minute.

I am the type of person who changes up my nails as frequently as possible. In just the past few months alone I've gone from short, rounded nails to acrylic claws to gel squared nails. Polish-wise, I have tried nearly every color and pattern under the sun — and I'm always excited to try out something new. But there are always certain colors I keep going back to. They're reliable, receive constant compliments, and go with nearly every look. Make sure you've got a plethora of reliable polishes on hand with these 13 manicure must-haves. May your nails never be dull (or chipped) again!

1. A Go-To Neutral

Zoya Nail Polish in Spencer, $9, Zoya

For those days when you want your nails to look clean and cared for, but not overdone. A coat or two of a neutral-colored polish can take your fingers from bare to maintained in no time.

2. A Signature Red

Formula X in Rouge, $10, Sephora

If you looked through someone's lipstick collection and saw they didn't have a red, you would be beyond confused. Perhaps, even concerned. The same goes for your polish collection: You need the perfect shade of red so you can look and feel fab in minutes!

3. A Sturdy Base

The Foundation Base Coat, $18, Sephora

Most people typically forego a base coat simply out of laziness (guilty!), but its real purpose is to lay the foundation for a great manicure. It keeps your nails strong, increases their flexibility, and evens out yellow tones — so you'll want to make sure you have a good base coat on hand.

4. Something Sparkly

Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Across The Universe , $20, Amazon

Nothing says fun and fearless like a glittery manicure.

5. A Pretty Pink

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Polish in Petal Pink, $6, Amazon

Simple, feminine, and a polish must-have.

6. Sleek and Black

Butter London Union Jack Black Nail Lacquer, $15, Amazon

Because everyone needs a Little Black Dress — in nail form.

7. A Reliable Top Coat

Nars Top Coat, $23, A mazon

Having that impressive polish collection will amount to, well, not very much if your nails are constantly chipped. You need a top coat that will keep your manicure going strong.

8. The Perfect Metallic

Formula X By Sephora in Metallic Silver, $20, Amazon

For when you need a little shimmer, but nothing too sparkly. AKA the perfect holiday party polish.

9. The Unusual Everyday Coat

Julep It Girl Nail Polish in Jessica, $14, Amazon

It isn't your average black, white, or nude — but it can be worn any day, nonetheless.

10. The Statement Color

Floss Gloss Nail Color in Wet, $8, Amazon

You don't wear it that often, but when you do people take notice. Nails this bright are basically a statement piece all their own, so style wisely!

11. A Deep Jewel Tone

OPI Nail Lacquer in Blue My Mind, $10, Amazon

For the perfect chic, moody nail, you can't go wrong with a pretty jewel tone.

A color for every day of the week, and then some. It's only necessary for a beauty lover, really.

Images: Courtesy Brands (11)