Petra Reflects On The Strength Of 'JTV's Women

Jane the Virgin is a force to be reckoned with. In the year it has been on television, it has earned itself well-deserved attention from critics as well as earning its lead, Gina Rodriguez, a Golden Globe. There are multiple reasons Jane the Virgin has connected with fans. The comedy, the characters, the "life happens" scenarios, all of these things play into the success of the show. But perhaps one of the most important characteristics to remember is that Jane the Virgin is a fiercely feminist show. In an interview with Bustle, Yael Grobglas, Petra on Jane the Virgin , echoes the feminist structure of the show and the development of her character from scorned wife to badass hotel executive.

"She's extremely intelligent," Grobglas says of her character Petra. "She's very good at business." Groblgas attributes "all these positive sides of Petra" as the source of the chemistry she still has with Rafael. "That's where I think her and Rafael have a good connection, if it has to do with the business side of the hotel."

Petra has been facing her own demons since the first episode of the series. From an abusive ex-boyfriend to a miscarriage, Petra has faced a lot of trials and tribulations in her time. She's not the only one. All of the women on Jane the Virgin face some sort of challenges, speaking toward the strength each character must possess to move beyond their personal roadblocks.

"Whether it's Alba with her immigration, or Jane with the baby and her virginity, or Petra with everything that happens to Petra," Grobglas says, "You'll see them all deal with it in their own special way, trying to make their lives as full as they possibly can."

The show features many women from different backgrounds. While they are all facing very different struggles and experiences, they also demonstrate strength in varying ways. To Grobglas, that is what is so "fantastic" about the show.

"I consider myself a feminist," Grobglas says. "What being a feminist means to me is that women don't always have to be strong to be wonderful women... They can be extremely feminine, they can be extremely vulnerable, they can wear their emotions on their sleeves, or keep them up inside..." That is certainly the case for the women on Jane the Virgin, as no two characters deal with their issues the same way. A woman cannot simply be boxed up with the same traits and emotions as the next. It isn't realistic in life, which is certainly represented on the show. What is important is that the characters do deal with their own personal issues by their own volition. And for Grobglas, that's what makes them strong.

"It's such a diverse group of characters," Grobglas says, "and you get a glimpse of the wonderful world of what it is to be a woman."

Images: Nino Muñoz/The CW; Patrick Wymore/The CW