Tom Hiddleston Makes Mondays So Much Better

What can't Tom Hiddleston do? He acts. He sings. He dances. His laugh can make anyone faint and don't even get me started on that smile that makes me weak in the knees every time he shows those pearly whites. *swooning hard* The Crimson Peak actor's resume is one filled with many talents, but there's one that should definitely be added to the long list: the fact that Tom Hiddleston makes Mondays enjoyable. I know, it might be quite the shocker, but if anyone can cure those Monday blues, it's T. Hiddles.

I'm sure many people feel me when I say Sunday nights are the absolute worst. They mean that the weekend is basically over and that Monday is right around the corner — aka you have to wake up early and work. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but Mondays are seriously the worst day of the week. I mean, who likes them? I've yet to find someone who's like, "Mondays? Yeah, they're my favorite day of the week."

There doesn't really seem to be the perfect remedy to make the beginning of another work week tolerable, so here are eight Hiddleston-centric suggestions that can turn your Monday around for the better.

Yes, I really mean it.

1. Enjoy A Hot Breakfast, Like It's Your Superpower

After all, it is the most important meal of the day.

2. Smile & Laughing Like Him Is Key

If you stay positive, your Monday will be that much better.

3. Drink Coffee Or Tea

I don't know if he's enjoying that cup of coffee or tea or whatever it is, but it sure looks like he's savoring it. Obviously, caffeine is the way to go, but it's even more important to relish it on Mondays.

4. Pretend Tom Is Serenading You

When you're on break, daydreaming about Tom singing to you will improve your day significantly.

5. Imagine He's Kissing Your Cheek

I mean, if that doesn't turn around your Monday, I don't know what will. You know, except for him actually doing it.

6. Think About Him Wearing Glasses

If you're stressed, this is the perfect calming method.

7. Dance Out Those Monday Blues

Perfect mid-day booster.

8. Listen To His Advice About Pants

If you're not ending every workday by taking off your pants, then you are most definitely doing it wrong, just like he says.

Does your Monday already feel infinitely better?

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